Monday, January 08, 2007

If you spend much time following the links and comments from various blogs and websites, you can find some amazing things. Yesterday I followed a link from the Jihad Watch website ( to a blog called Muslim Unity (, which proved to be quite interesting.

The author of the Muslim Unity blog represents, I think, the prevailing attitude of much of the Islamic world. His entry of January 6th is titled Points Which Prove I Am Correct!. He writes: "Here are some points which will make you believe that what I say about the West (or White people of the West) is true:" (NOTE: I have not included the entire list, but these are some representative excerpts. I have reproduced them here as written.) -
  • They are mostly drunk in pubs
  • They don't value their own families and are usually at fights with their own families
  • They don't believe in long term relationships and love
  • They don’t respect the gift of their own body and use it like a tool which can be used by anybody
  • Children are neglected and end up as very rowdy kids
  • They commit lot of adultery and think it is a good thing
  • There music mostly has abnormal people in it. So do their movies and television
  • Their movies and media has plans to overthrow our culture by spreading their deadly tentacles into our culture
  • They don't know to behave and dress properly
  • They feel they are more superior then everybody else and practice a lot of racist activates.
  • Their police force is unfair and unjust to non-Whities
  • Whities can visit our countries easily but we can not visit their countries. Why should we allow them to visit our countries then?
  • Look at this statistic: All the whities who have committed crimes against the innocent: Bush, Blair, Hitler, Attila the Hun, Columbus, Marco Polo, The Queen of England; Most soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are whities too.

The author goes on to write, "I am not at all racist and have also agreed that some whities are good people, but then here we are referring to the ideology which comes along most of them. Let us together wipe out racism and such superior and imperialist methods adopted by them to suppress us just because we are non-whities."

This is a good example of how many Muslims view the West. It's not easy reading, but it's worth your time to see what much of the rest of the world believes. It may be laughable to us, but it's what they tell each other and it's what they believe. It resonates with much of the Third World.

Do a little surfing through the blogs and websites you wouldn't ordinarily visit. You'd be surprised what you can learn, and what opinions need to be overcome if the misnamed "Global War on Terrorism" will ever have a hope of success.

Have a good day. Read more.

More thoughts coming.


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