Monday, November 03, 2008

Things I Don't Like About Myself (Thanks, Rima...)

Back on October 27th, Rima tagged me to follow a meme she'd answered titled "Ten Things I Hate About Me." Those of you who are my regular followers know that I don't really like doing memes, but since Rima has been a regular reader and frequent commenter (as well as my only reader in Belgium, as far as I know), I'll grudgingly take a shot at it. I have a few minutes while I wait for Agnes to get home, so this is probably a good time.

Unfortunately, though, I'm actually pretty happy with myself. I don't think I can come up with ten things I hate about me...some things I wish were different, but not ten and certainly not hate. So with those lawyerly qualifications in mind, here are a few things I don't really like about myself:

1. I'm a world class procrastinator. I put the "pro" in procrastination. If there's some unpleasant thing I need to do, I can find a million reasons to put it off. I really want to get over this procrastination thing, but I just never seem to get around to it.

2. I have wacky color vision, and as a result my wardrobe doesn't always match. I always try to set out my clothes for the following day before bed the previous evening so that Agnes can make sure my socks match, the tie goes with the shirt, the shirt matches the pants, and I don't look too much like a clown.

3. I have a pretty short temper which I usually manage to keep under control. Unfortunately, as I get older I tend to suffer fools less and less gladly...and there are more fools running around all the time. Especially in an election year.

4. I tend to take insults to heart, rather than just considering the source and blowing them off. I don't mean the ya-ha insults we all engage in with each other (right, Mike?), but the ones that are mean-spirited. I wish I could just look people like that in the eye at the moment and say something witty and devastating to shut them down. It never works, though.

5. I get frustrated and angry with myself too easily. This is not a good thing for an amateur dancer, and it says a lot for Agnes that she hasn't smacked me upside the head more often when I get bent out of shape during dance practice.

Well, that's five. If I spent some more time, I could probably think of a few more, but hopefully this will satisfy Rima, who has been waiting patiently for my response.

More than you ever wanted to know, eh?

Time to go to the studio for my dance lesson, and then get some dinner and to bed so I can be well-rested for voting tomorrow.

If you're eligible to vote, don't forget to do it. It doesn't matter who you vote for...what matters is that your voice is heard.

Enjoy your evening. More thoughts tomorrow.



Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself through this meme. I really laughed at the second one. Why is it that most men can't match??? My father, brother, husband and son all have strange color combination ideas.

As for insults, I'm always guessing and then second guessing at whether a person was actually being mean or just having a bit of fun. I hate that about myself. Like you, I wish I could just say something back...either way.

fiona said...

So if I've got it right you are a procrastinating,short tempered,frustrated,angry,clown who gets all offended when insulted.
Can't think why anyone would want insult ya darlin ;)
Have fun dancing tonight!

lacegem said...

I'm most surprised about # 3. It really doesn't show when you're at Studio One. Is it because you are trying to hold it in? Just let me know if I pushed your buttons a little hard either when I'm dancing & making mistakes or when I'm posting a comment in your blog that you didn't like or when I'm cracking jokes. I have to say that I have the patience of a saint but when pushed too far, I bite back. I can be alittle fire cracker some time, just ask Tony. He'll tell you that I'm mean. So when do you leave for your cruise?

Mike said...

I'm likin' this Fiona person more and more.

And as far as #2 goes, I just got me a new post subject! Because I know why.

John said...

ditto on the likin' Fiona. that was funny!

rima fauzi said...

Just when I thought you were perfect, turns out you're just one of us.. :p
Thanks for answering the meme, Bilbo and it was nice to know more about you!