Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Still Here!

Yes, we're still here. In Germany, I mean.

The last week has not exactly been the epitome of relaxing vacations, what with the miserable weather (cold, gray skies, drizzle pretty much every day) and dealing with Agnes's father, who is as grouchy and querulous as only a 95 year-old man can be. We've had some wonderful lunches with Bernadette (Agnes's cousin) and her husband Richard, culminating today with duck breast with cherry sauce and spaetzle and a delicious salad. I asked them to adopt me, but Agnes put her foot down.

One of the highlights of the trip so far came yesterday, when we went with Bernadette to the huge, beautiful Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) in the nearby city of Konstanz. It was a short train ride, and we had a grand time touring the market stalls in the old part of the city. It was quite cold, so a nice hot wurst and a glass of Gluehwein were in order. It was lots of fun and very interesting, but all things considered, I like Konstanz a lot better in the summer!

My German is getting better by the day as I learn new terms (about elder care and geriatric medicine) and try to answer all Agnes's father's questions about everything under the sun. Explaining Obamacare in English is hard enough ... try German. And the legal issues surrounding organ donation (!). And the differences between the American and German health care, banking, and school systems. All the war stories are easy enough to handle ... my military vocabulary is very good, plus I've heard all his stories at least a thousand times before.

Poor Agnes is suffering from a completly miserable cold and bronchitis, which is adding to the sheer joy of the trip and the stress of dealing with her father. She's looking forward to getting home for a ... vacation.

Tomorrow morning we leave Singen for Landstuhl, where we'll meet up with our son Jason and his family for a short visit before heading to Reutlingen for an equally short visit with Agnes's other cousin Anna. With any luck, these visits should be much more relaxing and entertaining. Of course, the onslaught of four grandchildren at once will be a systemic shock, but I think we're up to handling it.

Check back on Friday for our latest Ass Clown nominee, and then for Cartoon Saturday and Poetry Sunday. If I can cop a Wi-Fi signal, you'll have your usual weekend fixes.

Ich wuensche Ihnen einen schoenen Tag. Andere Bedenkungen folgen.



Mike said...

Google translate didn't understand Bedenkungen which I assume means posts. You can help google by putting it in and explaining it.

Linda Kay said...

Mike has a great idea of teaching google to learn German. Hang in there, fun times ahead.

Amanda said...

I hope Agnes feels better soon. Have a relaxing time for the remainder of your vacation.