Thursday, March 22, 2018

Guest Post

Huh? What? Oh, hey! I didn't hear you come in ... I was just catching a little nap so I have plenty of energy to let everybody know when the mailman and garbage man and the UPS and FedEx guys and door-to-door religious flacks get here. Busted!

Oh, well ... I'm Clara, Bilbo and Agnes's granddog. I post here once in a while when Bilbo's away or runs out of good ideas, and I just realized that it's been almost a year since I last posted anything! I guess I'd better get moving, eh?

I don't want to say anything about your silly politics thing this time*. I'll just say that, like all dogs, I have a really good sense of smell. And I can tell you that lately, things don't smell very good. 'Nuff said, as Bilbo would say.

I want to talk about this dumb weather we've been having. Just the other day, the temperature was almost 70 degrees as you guys measure it ... it was what we dogs would call pretty comfortable. But now, it's snowing. A lot.

I'm a pit bull, and we have very short hair. For you humans, that's a good thing, because we don't shed in your houses. For us, though, it means that in the winter we get really cold. How would you like to have to go outside and squat your bare backside over a few inches of wet snow to do your business? I'm here to tell you it's not fun.

And that stupid snow makes it harder to do my duty of protecting Bilbo's daughter and her family. I mean, I'm loyal and I'll do what it takes, even if it means chasing some bad guy through the cold, wet snow ... but if I have to do that, then he is going to be really, really sorry.

So, I'm ready for Spring. And for Fall. Summer around here is too hot, and Winter is too cold and unpredictable. Maybe instead of believing in stupid stuff and arguing with each other, you humans can work on something worthwhile, like trying to fix this climate change thing Bilbo is always complaining about.

Have a good day. Bilbo will be back tomorrow. 'Til then, woof!


* Lucy the Cat covered all that in her last post. For a stupid cat, she's pretty perceptive.


Cloudia said...

Woof! Clara!!! <3

Mike said...

Just stay where you are Clara. I'm coming to take a nap with you.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Yay for Clara! I enjoyed her post.