Sunday, March 26, 2006

Last night we went to a local comedy club with our daughter and son-in-law. We enjoyed their company and the MC and the two featured stand-up comics were reasonably funny, but why is it that many comedians have to use so much foul langauge in their routines? One of the performers, in particular, didn't seem to be able to get out a sentence without peppering it with four- and seven-letter words.

Now don't get the wrong idea...I can curse with the best of 'em when the occasion demands, but I tend to agree with my mother, who always said that foul language was what people used when they weren't smart enough to say anything more intelligent. And I once read a quote from someone (whose name I can't remember) that curse words, because there are so few really good ones, should be held in reserve and brought out, like the flag, on special occasions when they are needed to rally ideas.

To me, really good comedy should challenge your brain, and should make you laugh without resorting to vulgarity unless it's somehow integral to the joke. One of the funniest comedians on the planet, Steven Wright, doesn't use foul language but makes you think twice and laugh with his twisted observations on everyday things ("I used to work in a fire-hydrant couldn't park anywhere"). Oh, well. I guess I'll just live with it, since it's not going to go away.

One other observation from the evening...sitting at a table right in front of us was an attractive young woman wearing very strange shoes. The high heels were of clear plastic and featured built-in lights - red on one side, blue on the other - that flashed as she walked. She looked like a cute police cruiser. I've seen shoes like those on small children, and running shoes with flashing safety lights for folks who like to run in the dark, but I've never seen them on dress shoes for ladies before. Interesting. I wonder what it would be like to see a ballroom full of ladies dancing swing or jive, wearing shoes like boggles the mind.

See you tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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