Monday, March 13, 2006

We had a spectacular weekend here in Northern Virginia - the temperature on Saturday and Sunday was in the mid 70's, with glorious sunshine and very low humidity...the very best sort of day and the perfect remedy for low spirits coming out of the gray of late winter. I spent much of both days cleaning the old leaves and sticks out of the yard, getting ready for the spring that we all hope is just around the corner. I'm anxious to get my herb garden replanted, and to see how well all the landscaping we had done last summer weathered the winter.

What's your favorite season? I was ready to say that mine is Spring, because of the warming days, the sound of birds singing happily in the trees, and the sight of bare arms and legs on beautiful ladies again. But then, I love Summer, too, for the pleasure of working in the sun in the yard, enjoying the fruits of our garden and watching life go by. Fall has its own pleasures, as the morning air turns crisp and chilly and the leaves turn from green to the glorious rainbow of autumn colors. And even Winter (which can be pretty miserable around here, let me tell you), has its moments when you turn from the fire and look out the window at the unbroken expanse of a new snowfall, with the sun glittering on the crystals of ice like a million jewels.

So I guess I like all the seasons. But those bare arms and legs on the ladies certainly do give Spring and Summer an edge...

Have a good week. More thoughts tomorrow.


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