Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Friday once again, the weather forecast for today through the weekend is for glorious, sunny mid-60's and no rain - just the sort of weather that makes you feel great to be alive. My last few posts have been relative downers about Iraq and terrorism, so it's time to turn for a few minutes to the happier side of life. Time to think about a few of the things that make life here in Northern Virginia worth living:

Dancing with my friends on Friday night (nothing quite like holding a beautiful lady close for those three minutes of music).

Watching the ladies in their spring outfits on the Metro (and seeing that arms and legs didn't disappear during the long, cold winter).

Working in the yard in the warm sun while the birds twitter happily (and Agnes points out the weeds I missed).

Eating breakfast on the deck in the cool morning air, enjoying the peace and quiet (before the lawn mowers start).

So there are lots of little pleasures we can enjoy despite soaring gas prices and bad news from the rest of the world. I plan to enjoy as many of them as I can during this weekend. You should do the same. Life's too short to do otherwise.

Have a wonderful weekend. More thoughts tomorrow.


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