Saturday, April 29, 2006

Okay, my blood pressure is officially skyrocketing again over the staggering arrogance of those who are trying to blackmail this country into bending over backwards to accommodate those who break the law. I refer once again, of course, to the illegal immigrants rights movement. On top of all the other arrogant demands of these people, America now has to put up with a special version of the national anthem in Spanish for those too lazy or disinterested to learn the language of the country they expect to give them what they want on a silver platter. I've been offended by many things this group of people has done, but this one goes beyond even my expectations of how disgustingly arrogant and demanding they can be. Even the President - with whom I seldom agree - has actually started to grow a spine and bluntly state that immigrants should learn English and that the national anthem should be sung in that language. I could hardly believe that the Mr Bush could come out with such a statement when he - like most of our spineless elected officials - seem to spend most of their time scurrying in fear of alienating the Hispanic vote.

And now, also, we have a "Day without Immigrants" scheduled for Monday, May 1st, in which those who believe that willing lawbreakers should have the same rights and priviliges of any citizen of this nation will attempt to blackmail our government by boycotting jobs and businesses. I personally think every one of them should be fired. And I think they should be happy that they live - many of them illegally - in a country that lets them get away with this stupid behavior.

This activity is a slap in the face of the millions and millions of American citizens who came to this country as legal immigrants. Who obeyed the immigration laws of the great nation they hoped would adopt them as part of its community.

This country does not hate immigrants, as the arrogant and noisy protesters would have you believe. This country was built by immigrants who came here to add their contributions to make the peaceful and multicultural society that enjoys the highest overall standard of living in the world. My paternal grandparents came to this country legally from Hungary after the First World War. They found jobs, learned English, became citizens, and created the conditions for me to enjoy the life I lead as a citizen of the best country on earth. Want to see what happens when people ignore the laws and refuse to become part of a larger community and work together for the common good? Look at Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, and most other nations of the third world for an example of what happens when the members of a society don't work together in a framework of law.

How about everyone having the courage to frame this issue in the proper terms. It is NOT about hating immigrants. It is about expecting those who wish to immigrate to the United States to obey the same laws that the rest of us do. It is about expecting those who want to live in this country to share not only in the benefits, but also in the responsibilities of living here.

And don't EVER play the national anthem in anything but English where I can hear it. If you need to have a national anthem sung in another language, go and settle in that country. We don't need you here if you are unwilling to become an American.

If you participate in the boycotts and demonstrations on Monday, shame on you. You are spitting on the country that gives you more freedom than any other nation on earth. Perhaps you would be happier elsewhere. Go. But if you stay here, quit bellyaching and obey the law.

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Jakej said...

One of the reasons so many people break the law is that immigrating to the US legally has become much more difficult. Even if you are in a class of eligible persons, the bureaucracy and cost have skyrocketed. I brought my wife and her mother in years ago at an expense of maybe $75.00 and a couple of forms. Now it will cost you more than $1000.00 and the number of forms and papers required is staggering. Suppose Jose married Daisy Mae in Mexico, and she brought him through all the paperwork, and he is now all legal. He starts a drywall company, and wants to bring in Antonio, his super-duper drywall brother. Antonio can walk across the border tomorrow, or legally enter in about 10 years, having dropped $1000s in costs. Which route would a rational person choose?