Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Election Day in Virginia


Today is election day in Virginia. We go to the polls today to elect a governor, a lieutenant governor (for some reason, they don't run as a team here), the state attorney general, local representatives to the House of Delegates, and numerous other offices.

After the last few months of vicious attack ads, endless robo-calls, door-to-door visits from earnest but clueless campaign workers, and about 75 cubic yards of campaign junk mail, election day is here, and once again I am inspired to offer my endorsements ...

Once again, it's a sad day for representative democracy. As usual, I'm glad that we use touch-screen voting machines here, which leave one hand free to hold my nose while I cast my ballot not necessarily for the best candidate, but for the one that's least objectionable.

Oh, well ... at least the premiere of "V" is on tonight. That's something to look forward to, anyhow.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



The Mistress of the Dark said...

I really wish we could synchronize voting to once every 4 years. I hate elections...I would like a period of time where I didn't have to see stupid campaign ads for candidates that erm...suck

Leslie David said...

I am less than thrilled with this election, but unfortunately, voting for nobody gets nothing done. I cast my ballot on paper. I wish our delegates didn't have 2 year terms so there wouldn't be as many elections.

Anonymous said...

We were under siege last night with endless phone calls from both sides, none of which we picked up.

I was shocked, however, to vote for the first time in my life on a paper ballot. And as you know, I voted for Thomas Jefferson for President both times he ran (we used charcoal and the back of a shovel to vote back then.)

On the other hand, I've lived in countries where the only voting was by bullet, not ballot, (all of the ones I lived in now have ballots, and prosperity I might add, although I can't take credit for it!) As a result of my experience, I'll gladly put up with the automated phone calls, thank you very much!

Just wanted to put this in a bit of perspective for all you young'uns out there.

Eminence Grise

Mike said...

"they don't run as a team here"

Same here in MO.