Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stupid Alarm Clock...

Well, friends, it is 5:45 AM, and I have been up for about 25 minutes.

Yesterday, we had one of our traditional Northern Virginia power outages. When I came home from work, I duly went through the house and reset each clock, including my nightstand clock radio.

Unfortunately, I forgot to specify "AM" or "PM" when I reset the time on the alarm clock.

As a result, my alarm clock this morning let me sleep on, assuming that the correct time was 4:00 PM.


And so it is that this morning's post is a minor placeholder, suitable only for telling you that, for reasons that will be made clear in due time, this week's Cartoon Saturday will appear tomorrow.

For now, I need to frantically get my stuff together and take one more look in the mirror to make sure I actually have all my clothes on.

Sit down, Fiona, I do!

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.


P.S. - we never had this trouble when alarm clocks needed to be wound.



John said...

My cell phone is my alarm clock with the recharger plugged in by the night stand.
I've done that am/pm thing before. I hate it when that happens.

Mike said...

When you're retired you forget about that AM/PM thing.

Gilahi said...

Remember the good old days when clocks didn't know the difference between AM and PM?

SusieQ said...

I don't need an alarm clock. I always wake up every morning at the same time just moments before the alarm goes off. If only I would always remember to disarm our alarm system in the morning before opening the door to let the dog out.

Amanda said...

When you live with a 3 year old, you also don't need an alarm clock or worry about AM/PM ....