Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cartoon Saturday

The Chatham County Courthouse in North Carolina was severely damaged by a fire which - somehow - spared a sex video featuring former Senator and professional cad John Edwards; one-time Colombian supermodel Angie Sanciemente is being sought on charges of having orchestrated a huge drug ring that used models as drug mules to move suitcases loaded with cocaine out of Buenos Aires airport; a South Korean navy ship has sunk after apparently being attacked by North Korean forces; irresponsible and overheated rhetoric about health care reform has taken an ugly turn, with shots fired at a congressman's campaign headquarters, windows smashed at Democratic offices across the country, and hate-filled voice mail messages left on members of Congress' phone lines; and a man in Pennsylvania was charged with one count of public drunkenness when police found him attempting to perform CPR on an opossum he had flattened with his car.

I think it's time for Cartoon Saturday, don't you?

If ever there was a cartoon that summed up my feelings about brainless political parties (did I say Republicans and Democrats?), this is it...

Insurance companies have become the whipping boy in much of the health care reform debate. Of course, they've worked hard to make it to that point, but that's not important now. Plus, it's been going on for a long time...

Agnes really likes her latest toy - a Sony Reader that lets her enjoy her books without all the bulk and weight. That gives her more time to appreciate my ever-increasing bulk and weight. But does every book really translate well into an electronic format...?

Did you ever wonder about the real punch line from some of those old jokes...?

Sometimes, you just don't want to know what all the focus groups and polls are saying...

And finally, even with health care reform - whatever that turns out to mean - a reality, rest assured that you will still need to worry...

After a few days of nearly-Biblical rain here in Northern Virginia, it looks like today will be a beautiful day...before we get a few more days of nearly-Biblical rain. Oh, least we don't have to shovel it. I hope you all have a good weekend, and come back tomorrow, when I'll have something else to rant about.

Gotta take up the slack for Mike, dontcha know.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



Bandit said...

Good Job! You put togEther a collection here that pretty much slams everyone.....even saying that Mike is a slacker.

I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...but that's not important now.

craziequeen said...

Hey Bilbo :-)

Good cartoons - we are just about to dive in election madness again this year and any opportunity to laugh is good when you consider the crooks our politicians are! :-(


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Delightful, as always!