Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So Much Bloggable, So Little Time...

This is one of those times when it seems that interesting things about which to blog are coming in faster than I can use them. If I dedicate a whole post to each one, by the time I get to the last one, the topic will be stale and nobody will remember the context. Of course, it's better to have lots of things to choose from instead of a dry spell when I can't think of anything to say, so I guess I shouldn't complain.


Here is today's post - a little bit about a lot of things...

The catastrophic earthquake that hit the South American nation of Chile last Saturday caused enormous damage. According to some scientists, the quake was so powerful that it tipped the earth off it's axis by about three inches (eight centimeters) - enough to change the length of a day. Each day is now approximately 1.26 microseconds shorter than it was before the quake...not a lot, but enough to attract the notice of scientists...and of Congressional Republicans, who quickly introduced a bill in Congress to reduce taxes because the average working day is now shorter.

Yesterday the Senate finally managed to get past the objections of Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning and pass legislation to extend unemployment benefits for millions of out-of-work Americans. Bunning had continually blocked the legislation because it was unfunded and would add to the deficit. He finally yielded to the pleas of other Compassionate Conservatives who were worried that his intransigence was negatively affecting their gentle, caring image. Senator Bunning settled for a compromise under which he agreed to vote for the bill if Congressional Democrats agreed to hang House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Effigy...a small town in rural Texas.

The celebrity cast of the new season of Dancing with the Stars has been named, and includes "actress" and former Playboy playmate Pamela Anderson, actress and professional bad girl Shannen Doherty, and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon. No jokes about Mr Aldrin doing the moonwalk, please.

According to an article in People Magazine, pop singer Lady Gaga has announced that she is "single and celibate." Apparently the "celibate" part isn't by choice, but results from the inability of potential sexual partners to find a body underneath her bizarre costumes.

Texas governor Rick Perry has won reelection over a challenge from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. In his victory speech, Governor-elect Perry shouted a defiant message to Washington: "Quit spending all the money! Stop trying to take over our lives and our businesses." One assumes that doesn't apply to the money the government spends on military bases in Texas, and on the $3.5 billion the state will receive this year in assorted Federal grants.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



Leslie David said...

I was disappointed that the voice of reason (Kay Bailey Hutchinson) was overwhelmed by the voice of insanity (Rick Perry) but then this is Texas we're talking about. I think to oblige him, they should move Ft. Hood to Ft. Irwin CA and the various air bases to Nevada--you know, states that would appreciate the presence and income from the Federal government.

Mike said...

So I've still got a chance at Lady Gaga.

Wv: dezider - What the drunk said when asked what he was drinking.

Mrs. Geezerette said...

As I have grown older, I've noticed that time seems to disappear. "Where did the time go?" I am known to ask. Now, with this earthquake, at least I'll know where 1.26 microseconds of it went.