Monday, December 09, 2013

First Snow and General Whining

Well, winter is here in NoVa ... we had a wonderful day yesterday of what is euphemistically called a "wintry mix" - snow, sleet, and freezing rain that left us with about two inches of snow and a little ice. This is enough to bring the nation's capital to its knees ... the Office of Personnel Management has announced that Federal Government workers may telework, take unscheduled leave, or report to work up to two hours late. I'm not allowed to telework and I'm trying to save my leave for a future vacation, so I will be braving the elements to see if my bus actually shows up on time to get me to the Five-Sided Squirrel Cage. Based on previous experience the odds are not good, but we'll see. Our winter storm warning is still in effect until 10:00. Oy.

Plus, I overslept this morning, courtesy of my clock radio that petulantly decided not to go off.

Plus, we just had a momentary power outage that shut down my computer and forced me to reboot and reinstall my Google Chrome browser (which really doesn't like unexpected power surges and outages).

Plus, the Cold From Hell that I have been unable to completely shake for the last few months is back with a vengeance, and it apparently brought a sinus infection with it ... my eyes are red and swollen and teary, so that the world is blurry*.

It's going to be a great day, I can tell.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.


* Perhaps it's better that way.


Amanda said...

Well...I hope your day turns out better than you're expecting it to.

I'll send some positive vibes your way :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sorry you have to schlep off to work today. Me too, but my staircase to the office is clear of snow and ice, damn it.

I had that "cold" for over a month. I hope you can shake it soon Bill.
It's a hanger on.

Mike said...

And it's only Monday.

Unknown said...

It is exceedingly icky outside today but at least they took care of the roads. Last night at midnight OPM said they were open and on time so I didn't look this morning. I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, I have some turkey soup if I can find a way to get it to you and I hope you went to a doctor to treat the sinus infection. How many days until Agnes gets home? :)