Friday, April 04, 2014

The Ass Clown of the Month Award for April, 2014

This month celebrates the third year of presentation of the quasi-prestigious Ass Clown of the Month Award ...

On April 17, 2011, billionaire, birther, climate change denier, and all-around generally miserable human being Donald Trump was named as the first Ass Clown of the Month, setting a standard aspired to by such other dim luminaries as Vladimir Putin (March, 2014), Wayne LaPierre (annual winner for 2012), Senator Mitch McConnell (January, 2013) and many others. Today, three years after the first award, we recognize yet another individual who has exhibited the qualities of a supreme Ass Clown.

In fact, this month we present a dual award to a pair of individuals who, together, make one give the sad head-shake and sigh of resignation that mark truly deserving Ass Clowns. Ladies and Gentlemen, the award for April, 2014 goes to

Robert H. Richards, IV
Delaware Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden

In 2008, Mr Richards was indicted on two counts of second-degree child rape for repeatedly assaulting his three year-old daughter between 2005 and 2007. Real People indicted on those counts would have received mandatory minimum sentences of 10 years on each count, but Mr Richards - heir to the DuPont fortune - was released on $60,000 bail and ultimately offered a deal allowing him to plead guilty to fourth-degree rape. Instead of 20 years in prison, Mr Richards was ordered to pay $4,395 to the Delaware Violent Crimes Compensation Board and sentenced to eight years in prison ... suspended in favor of probation by Judge Jan Jurden, who wrote in her decision that Mr Richards "will not fare well in Level 5 (prison) setting."

It is generally known that those who are wealthy and well-connected are able to manipulate the criminal justice system that would drop huge fines and jail time on lesser beings. If you're the heir to a vast fortune, you can afford to pay teams of top-drawer lawyers instead of having to rely on overworked, poorly-paid public defenders. If you're a big shot, chances are you won't spend time eating jail food from plastic trays and wearing orange jumpsuits ... you'll pay an easily-affordable fine (if that) and suffer the indignity of probation within the walls of your own home.

Some commentators have argued that the judge who imposed this laughable penalty should not be criticized because Delaware law prohibits her from defending herself by commenting on the facts of the case. They also argue that the language in the decision about Mr Richards "not far(ing) well" in prison was probably added by the defense team. No matter. Judge Jurden, responsible for the even-handed imposition of justice, signed off on a decision that made a mockery of the law she is sworn to uphold.

If there were any doubt in your mind about the existence of one form of justice for the elite, and another for the hoi polloi, this case should clear it up for you. Read the whole miserable story here.

Mr Robert H. Richards, IV, and Judge Jan Jurden are named as co-awardees as April 2014's Ass Clown of the Month - Mr Richards for the despicable abuse of his daughter, and Judge Jurden for issuing an unbelievable ruling that feeds public cynicism about the fairness of the judicial system.

Sometimes, there's just nothing more you can say.

Have a good day. Come back tomorrow for Cartoon Saturday, when we'll try to laugh rather than cry.



Grand Crapaud said...

That was an awful ruling; the perp should have been put under the prison and the judge removed!

It's hard to have faith in the justice system when travesties such as that occur!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

This drives home the point that there is a two-tiered justice system. Justice can turn a blind eye when it comes to the wealthy and connected.

Shame on the judge!

Big Sky Heidi said...

That was a totally awful judicial decision! She should be voted out of office!

Mike said...

Both of them should be drawn and quartered.

KathyA said...

BRAVO, Bill! She should be impeached and or brought up on charges. He should be hung by his...well, you get the idea!

Duckbutt said...

Something is rotten in Delaware.

Smells like rotten fish.

99.999% of people convicted would not get a sweetheart deal like that.

Insane Penguin said...

What a creep!

No, a pair of them, one making a lousy decision.