Tuesday, February 17, 2015

For the Cat Who Has Everything

Well ... here in NoVa everything is utterly quiet and covered in a thick blanket of snow; looks to be about six inches in my front yard. The government is closed because of the snow ... they had to make an announcement so that everyone would notice. And Faux News is reporting that all this snow clearly reflects the failed policies of the Obama administration.

But enough of that ...

There's a stereotype of the "crazy cat lady" - the woman (usually older and single, who in a less sensitive time might have been called a "spinster") who lives in her cluttered home, surrounded by large numbers of cats. There is probably some reason for the attraction between women and cats, but it remains for science to uncover it ...

But although science may not be able to unravel this mysterious attraction, it has contributed to the relationship between women and cats by allowing them to drink together.

Yes, Dear Readers, according to this short article from Time.com, a company in Japan* called "B&H Lifes" is now selling a wine blended especially for cats. It's called “Nyan Nyan** Nouveau,” and contains catnip mixed with juice made from Cabernet grapes ... but no alcohol***. It goes for 399 yen per bottle (or about $4.00), and is a limited edition.

All you crazy cat ladies out there, place your orders now ... you'll never again have to drink alone.****

Have a good day. Be sure your cat drinks responsibly.

More thoughts tomorrow.


* Where else?

** "Nyan, nyan" is apparently the sound made by Japanese cats, much as American cats say "meow."

*** Cats are annoying enough when sober ... can you imagine a drunken one?

**** Not applicable to you, Brenda. I don't think you have any problems here.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

From a long standing cat 'disliker' (yep i made that word up Bill)I never understood those women. You see I don't get how a cat can fit the concept of a pet. When I was single I just drank the wine alone. Save that $4 to put towards the chocolate to go with my wine.

Linda Kay said...

I love Margaret's approach to single life, for sure. I'm a dog person, not a cat person, but appreciate those who do. My SILs sister is a cat woman, and takes in every stray that comes around. She can hardly live in her house. Ugh!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

But kitties are so cute and playful!

Big Sky Heidi said...

I think that cat ladies collect cats to satisfy their maternal feelings.

Duckbutt said...

Sometimes Peaches may drive me to drink, but now I can drink with him. Wish he liked Newcastle ale.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

It's nice to have a cat. I have Bubba. But one's enough. Well, if Jennifer wants another, we can make it.