Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Getting Rid of Stuff, Part 2

My effort to get rid of a lot of stuff continues.

I've spent much of the last few days going through our rented storage space and getting reacquainted with everything that's in there ... here's a partial list:

1 wooden coffee table (Ikea);
1 wooden breakfast table (Ikea);
1 enormously heavy office work table (Ikea);
1 enormously heavy desk with drawer unit (Ikea);
1 wood-frame day bed with two twin mattresses;
1 overlock sewing machine;
1 antique Singer sewing machine;
1 dog cage (but no dog);
1 dog travel kennel (but no dog);
3 old, but serviceable suitcases;
1 electric snow blower;
1 hideously ugly chandelier (that came with the house and we replaced with a more attractive one);
Assorted kitchen appliances (food processor, toaster oven, ice cream maker, fold-out electric griddle;
Assorted power tools for working with stained glass;
1 kitchen warming drawer (with installation instructions);
Jimmy Hoffa (just kidding, but I haven't gotten all the way to the back, yet);
1 pre-lit 7-foot artificial Christmas tree in 3 sections;
Assorted seasonal decorations;
1 Western saddle;
1 English saddle;
1 homemade saddle stand;
Several boxes of assorted extra ceramic tiles for bathroom walls & floors;
2 large plastic boxes of cat litter (but no cat ... used for ice melt in winter);
1 rollator (practically new);
1 well-pounded heavy bag (dating from my karate days); and,
756,493 empty boxes for collectable porcelain figurines, David Winter cottages, etc.

Not included in the above is a very large Ikea shelf unit spanning two of the four walls, on which much of the above was stored.

I have determined the following:

1. We have way too much stuff.

2. We are going to have either a huge yard sale or a huge bonfire.

3. The trunk and back seat of a Toyota Avalon will only carry so much per trip.

4. You can always rationalize why you needed to keep something, no matter what it is.

5. Advil is your friend.

6. So is gin and tonic.

The de-stuffing of the Maison de Bilbo goes on. I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a good day. More thoughts coming.



eViL pOp TaRt said...

Wow! That is an accumulation! I hope your cleaning goes smoothly today and you get to daylight soon.

Mike said...

#4 will slow you to a crawl every time.

allenwoodhaven said...

A well rounded collection of stuff. You have some uncommon items that must have great stories behind them.
I'd bet you take care of your stuff, so it's probably valuable to someone, even if for less than a fortune.
Hope it progresses to your satisfaction!

Chuck Bear said...

Trust me, you won't miss it when it is gone.

John Hill said...

I'm such a slacker!
I've been retired 16 months and haven't done a thing but goof off!

Linda Kay said...

My problem is that when I get everything out into the garage for a sale, my hubby comes along and picks up half the stuff to take it back in the house! He's such a "collector".

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Well we have learned you like IKEA.
If you ever want to get rid of things and not have a garage sale (too much work for bartering for me) there is a place called the RESTORE. They will pick up. They sell it in their stores and the money is given to Habitat for Humanity. It is actually run by habitat for humanity. Contractors drop stuff off there all the time - extra tiles and the like. I used to not only bring things there but buy things there when I flipped. I did a whole bathroom of white subway tiles I got there for only $10.00. A contractor had too many and they brought them in and got a tax write-off and I got new subway tiles. You will receive the tax write off receipt at the time you either drop off or when they pick up. Just a thought Bill.