Monday, November 13, 2017

Guidelines for Political Representatives At My Door

I can't remember if I've shared this with you before, but this is the text of the flier I hand to people who come to my door to advocate for a political candidate. It saves time ...

Please Read This Carefully
It Will Save Time and Aggravation

1. I get one vote. Your job is to convince me to give it to your candidate. It is not your job to convince me to vote against anyone else. See #3 below.

2. All I want to hear from you is specific information on your candidate's policy proposals and stands on issues. If you can't answer detailed questions about them, go away and send someone who can. Don't waste my time.

3. Don't say anything about any other candidate ... I do not care in the least about your opinion. The other candidate's representatives can tell me about him or her ... all I want to hear from you is what I specified in #2 above. I am perfectly capable of comparing information I get from the two of you and making decisions on my own.

4. Don't get mad at me when I ask you detailed questions and try to clarify evasive answers. My experience shows that you will probably interpret specific questions as attacks on your candidate, rather than as attempts to gain information you should have at your fingertips. If that's your attitude, go away and waste someone else's time.

5. With respect to #4 above: detailed questions about your candidate do not necessarily equate to support for the other candidate. You should be prepared to answer such questions. If you accuse me of being stupid or supporting the other candidate just because I want better information about yours, be sure your nose is far enough away from the door to avoid being hurt when I slam it shut.

Thank You

Feel free to use this, or your own variation of it, in future elections. I only wish I could figure out how to make it work with those %#$@ robocalls.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



John Hill said...

Kind of sad that Congressional elections are a year away and you need to post this already, but I get it.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

A problem with poliTical canvassers is that they're often poorly-imformed worker bees who don't have a detailed or even a rudimentary knowledge of the issues or their candidate's positions. They're only good for rote answers. So, in a nutshell, they waste your time.

This is especially true with political callers.

bakku-shan said...

Most should never darken my door.

Mike said...

It's been awhile since someone has knocked on the door about politics.

allenwoodhaven said...

Excellent though it's unfortunate that it so necessary.