Sunday, January 07, 2018

Musical Sunday

I like music of almost every genre except rap and hip-hop. I went through a major country music period a long time ago, and one of my favorite country songs was this one ... the original version was by Terry Stafford, but the big hit was this version by George Strait. Enjoy!

I suppose I enjoyed this song so much because I always loved the place name Amarillo*, and always wanted to visit that city in Texas. I got my chance in 1974, when I drove from my Air Force technical training in Denver, Colorado, to my first posting at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. We drove through Amarillo in the middle of a huge sandstorm, and I remember driving down Amarillo Boulevard behind an empty 55-gallon drum that was bouncing its way down the street in the wind, and wondering why on earth I'd ever wanted to visit such a place. Oh, well ...

Have a good day and if you're bull-riding ... or driving down Amarillo Boulevard ... for Pete's sake be careful!


* Being older and wiser, I now know that it means "yellow" in Spanish.

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Mike said...

I wonder if there is a town named Yellow in Mexico.