Sunday, July 13, 2008

The "Smell of Compromise"

I found myself once again spun up this morning by a story on page A4 of this morning's Washington Post: Recent Bush Victories Smell of Compromise.

Smell of compromise. That's a very revealing choice of words.

Decaying corpses smell. Limburger cheese smells. Old sneakers smell.

When was it that compromise - the time-honored art of giving something to get something, what you're willing to offer up in the quest for forward movement - became something that smells?

Commentators smarter and better informed than I have often lamented the poisonous partisan politics of modern Washington, in which principled compromise is equated to craven selling out of one's principles. Seeking opportunities for compromise in the national interest, rather than stubbornly insisting on parochial interests, is turned by political bloviators into charges of "flip-flopping" on issues - a deadly charge that politicians fear like the plague.

A White House spokesman is quoted in the story as saying, "I don't think we've become more conciliatory than we've ever been. We're going to stay on the right side of our principles. If we can get these things done and not compromise those principles, then of course we are open to compromise. We have always been open to that."

What a shameless crock of caca de toro.

If everything is a principle that one has to "stay on the right side of," then nothing will ever be done. If everything is critical, then nothing is critical.

Mr Bush, the self-annointed "decider," has little interest in compromise. He relies on unlimited executive privilege and power to force his views on those who don't agree with him. In his lexicon, compromise is defined as "doing it my way."

As long as we continue with the ridiculous condemnation of long as politicians on both sides of the aisle demand to know why everyone else is "lying"...we're not going to solve any of our pressing problems.

Remember to vote for Nobody in November. At least Nobody will admit that he's unwilling to compromise.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Compromise never helps anybody.

Mike said...

JLP - Life is nothing but compromise whether you realize your doing it or not.

B - I didn't have to look up "caca de toro".

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Anything Bush does smells of something..actually anything he does just stinks!