Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Ass Clown of the Month Award Returns!

It occurs to me that we haven't named an Ass Clown of the Month since back in August, when Senator Harry Reid of Nevada won the award for making his grossly irresponsible (not to mention false) accusation that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had paid no taxes for ten years, and then refusing to provide any proof of the allegation.

That's a tough act to follow, but (especially in an election year) there is no shortage of worthy candidates clamoring to step up and claim the battered crown. For the month of October, making a difficult selection from the teeming crowds of ass clowns breeding in the fetid swamps of politics, economics, sports, and general "celebrity," we present the first-ever posthumous Ass Clown of the Month Award* to Edward Archbold of Florida, who died after eating dozens of live cockroaches and worms in a contest for which the grand prize was ... an $850 python.

Edward, our hat is off to you - the October 2012 Ass Clown of the Month. Too bad you can't take it with you.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.


* He's probably also in line for a Darwin Award as well.


The Mistress of the Dark said...


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Majorly gross!

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

He gets the Darwin award!

Mike said...

Elvis said it.

Kristen Lavransdrittsekkdatter said...

That was stupid!

Grand Crapaud said...

He won't be reproducing, that's for sure