Friday, May 02, 2014

Oh, Poo!

A few years ago (back in July of 2009, to be exact) I wrote a post in praise of toilet paper. And today, in the interest of your continued enlightenment, we return to the subject of ... well ... poop.

And I'm not talking about Congress, Faux News, the NRA, or the GOP, although they're all plenty full of it.

One of the most serious public health issues in many developing countries is the lack of sanitary facilities, in particular, public toilets. In India, for example, public defecation* is such a huge health problem that UNICEF - the United Nations Children's Fund - has started a unique program to convince people not to defecate on public streets ... Poo2Loo. According to the Poo2Loo website:


Daily 620 million Indians are defecating in the open. That's half the population dumping over 65 million kilos of poo out there every day. If this poo continues to be let loose on us, there will be no escaping the stench of life threatening infections, diseases and epidemics.

It's time to take the poo to the loo."

It's a wonderful public health program, complete with its own YouTube video - "Poo Party" - featuring dancing poop and a catchy tune ...

Sort of makes the hard time you get when you leave the lid up seem pretty minor, doesn't it?

So remember, Dear Readers, to take your poo to the loo. We take enough crap from Congress, and they don't need the help.

Have a good day. Come back tomorrow for Cartoon Saturday, when we will not pursue our discussion of fecal material. You're welcome.


* My brother Mark, once stationed in Bahrain with the Navy, tells ... colorful ... stories about this topic. 


Duckbutt said...

I'm amazed at the casual defecation in so much of the world.

Mike said...

No one had figured out yet how to make money from poop.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Chicken and cow poor have some agricultural uses.