Friday, August 22, 2014

The Second Ass Clown of the Month Award for August, 2014

Last Friday we took another look at Great Moments in Editing, but another week has gone by and it's now time to name our second Ass Clown of the Month for August, 2014.

This week as always, I suffer from a surfeit of riches in terms of the field of potential candidates from which to select our dishonorees. But as the old saying goes, life's like a septic tank ... the really big chunks rise to the top. And the biggest chunk in the tank this week is

also known as
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
or simply as

The Islamic State

In a world and at a time when religious believers of all sorts are becoming ever more rigid and intolerant, the "holy" warriors of ISIS have plumbed new depths of depravity and sadism, as evidenced by their imposition of medieval religious law in areas under their control, by engaging in genocide against the Yazidis in Iraq, and by brutally murdering their way across Syria and Iraq. In the past week, members of the group beheaded American journalist James Foley and posted the video on YouTube - after demanding a ransom of $132 million and sending his family an e-mail described as "... vitriolic and filled with rage against the United States."

For its exercise of arrogant bigotry and sadism masquerading as religion, the despicable and cowardly group of evildoers that calls itself ISIS is named our second Ass Clown of the Month for August, 2014.

Enjoy hell, ISIS. They're keeping the light on for you.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



Hell Hound said...

A logical choice.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

A good choice! They have pretty well positioned themselves as an outlaw group that is impossible to deal with!

Duckbutt said...

Definitely bigoted and intolerant ass clownery!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am befuddled on how you just pick one. There are so many. But I can certainly see how these ass clowns are a few steps above the rest so to speak. I mean we here have an ex Governor (Bob McDonnell) who is throwing his wife under the bus. Class ass clown there! Then there is Rick Perry, who's mug shot was so creepy, Chuckie would turn and run.
You could do an ass clown each and every day and never run out of 'em. :-)

Linda Kay said...

I've never heard the reference to the septic tank before, but good analogy on this one. Someone recently wrote to our local newspaper that they felt we should not have any religious floats in our parade, because everyone should be able to enjoy the parade. Really! If I can find the article, I might have you nominate this person.

Big Sky Heidi said...

Even the Westboro Baptist Church is down on ISIS now. A great choice for Ass Clowns by certified ass clowns.

Mike said...

How do so many people find their way into one large stupid group?