Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Ten Interesting Facts

With all the other things going on this week as we speed into the new year, it's not easy to find the time to keep up with blogging, so I decided for today to go simple and dip once again into the list of topics suggested in the 30-Day Writing Challenge. The one I've picked for today directs me to write down ten interesting facts about myself. There are a few problems with a topic like this. One is, of course, oversharing ... there's a difference between "interesting" and "icky"; another is that "facts" nowadays don't mean what they used to; a third is that what I think is "interesting" might not match up with your definition. Nevertheless, I'll press on and present what I think are ten relatively interesting facts about myself that you may or may not already know ...

1. I hosted a radio program on WEBR, Fairfax County public radio, for nine years. It was called "The Audio Attic" and featured music of all genres in playlists built around specific themes for each show. I also did a bogus newscast and had a cast of recurring characters for whom I did all the voices: Wallace Goldersnobble, the Fairfax County Curmudgeon-at-Large*; Wilbur Dweeb, the Executive Assistant to the Station Manager; Spike Bicep, the sports announcer; and several others. People have always told me I had a face made for radio ...

2. I have three children and six grandchildren that I love deeply ... which is one reason why I care so much about good manners, the state of the world, and the condition of American society. I'd hate to leave them stuck with the mess we've worked so hard to create.

3. I speak fluent conversational German, and have studied Russian. I speak German with an accent, but on meeting me, Germans generally think I'm Dutch, rather than American. My old Russian teacher told me that I spoke "a perfect accent without a trace of Russian" ... a measure of her assessment of my excellent pronunciation and terrible grasp of grammar.

4. #3 was a result of majoring in Linguistics at Penn State University.

5. I have lived in two different cities in Germany - Wiesbaden (twice) and Berlin, and have traveled widely in Europe. As you might suspect, Germany is my favorite European country.

6. Agnes and I were competitive ballroom dancers as a Pro-Am couple for about ten years. There's a lot to be said for a sport you can play while holding on to a beautiful woman in a classy gown.

7. I enjoy writing of all sorts, particularly chatty letters to good friends. Some of you already know this from my previous offers of handwritten letters.

8. I have some acting experience as a result of participating in two high school class plays. It helps when entertaining small children.

9. I'm a pretty good amateur gourmet cook. I can't bake worth a darn, but my cooking is quite good, even if I say so myself. Agnes isn't complaining, anyhow.

10. I'm a history buff, with particular interest in the two World Wars and the interwar period.

So there you go ... more than you ever wanted to know about Bilbo in ten items. Now tell me, what should the rest of us know about you? Leave a comment with one interesting fact about yourself.

Have a good day, and be interesting. Everyone has a story.

More thoughts tomorrow.


* If you read the header on my blog, you may have noticed that I style myself as the Fairfax County Curmudgeon-at-Large ... Mr Goldersnobble has retired, and I took his place.


John Hill said...

My 5 siblings and I live in 6 different states.
Okay, maybe it's not all that interesting but it is indicative of my not-so-interesting life.

Gonzo Dave said...

I'm a Christmas baby. Maybe not so interesting in itself, but in my (very) extended family, which includes cousins, nephews and stepchildren, there are three more.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Okay, here's my turn.
I have a boyfriend, parents, and four older siblings. Native New Orleanian. LSU and Saints fan. Like to run. Speak French, English, and some Louisiana Creole. Psychology. Participated in beauty pageant on a lark. Been to France, the Caribbean, and Alaska.

Linda Kay said...

You spoke of Germany...100% of my ancestors came from within 50 miles of Emden, Germany, leaving the farming communities there to come to America and actually own a piece of land or a business to call their own. Names: Diekhoff, Milhaun, Weiland, Bruns. We visited there two years ago and walked the streets of the villages.

Big Sky Heidi said...

Graduate of MTSU. Working in Missoula, MT. Engaged. Can ride a horse.
Home Franklin, TN. Knows Russian; went to Ukraine and Bulgaria also.

Mike said...

I hang out in my basement.... a lot.

Bilbo said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I think I know you all a little better. Heidi, spasibo! Angel - I believe I remember you writing about the beauty pageant in your blog, but don't remember if you won or not. You probably should have. Mike - I'm not surprised. Dave - tough being shortchanged on birthday presents, isn't it? Linda - vielen Dank fuer die neue Information! John - everyone's interesting ... you are the only preacher/magician/air traffic controller I know!