Monday, June 11, 2007

Morning People, Evening People

You may have noticed over time that the great majority of my posts to this blog are written between 4:30 and 5:30 AM. That's because I'm a morning person.

I can almost hear the collective gasp of horror out there, as my experience has been that there are very few true morning people. My father is one, and I suppose I got it from him. In Dad's case it was born of necessity, as he worked for many years as an advertising photographer, and needed to get to his studio very early each day so as to get in uninterrupted work time before the various ad agencies and other places with demands on his time started working. I came to enjoy getting up early and enjoying the quiet time while the rest of the world was still sound asleep.

This was particularly useful on Sundays, when Dad would wake us up for church by blowing tunelessly on an old Civil War bugle he'd found at an antique store years before.

So each work day I usually am awake by about 4:00 AM, and out of the shower enjoying my morning coffee by 4:30, doing small tasks until time to leave for work shortly after 6:00. This quiet hour and a half is ideal for things like paying bills, checking e-mail, posting my blog, and reading the other blogs I enjoy following. On weekends I usually sleep late, not waking up until about 6:00.

And then, there are the Evening People.

Agnes is absolutely horrified at how early I get up, being convinced that there is no hour of the day worth living much before 9:00 AM. But in compensation, she's often still going strong around the time I'm thinking that bed looks pretty good (nights when we go dancing are, of course, an exception...there's nothing like dancing with a beautiful lady to keep you awake and interested). Most of the people I know are like Agnes in this regard, and also think I'm nuts for getting up as early as I do.

Listening to the birds singing happily outside the window while I sip that cup of coffee is just about the best way I can think of to ease into each day.

And no one else is around to bother me while I enjoy it.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.


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