Sunday, June 22, 2008

Growing Old in the Wrong Country

It's later in the day than I usually post, but then, this has been a very busy day. We went to visit our granddaughter Leya very early this morning to accommodate her nap schedule and her late-morning date (I was aghast at a 10-month old going on a date, until my daughter patiently explained that it was a play date with her friend Emma). We then zipped over to a local dance school and rented an hour of floor time to practice, after which Agnes taught for an hour. We then drove up to the Pentagon City Mall for lunch and a relatively expensive visit to the Apple Store, where I bought a thingy (sorry about using high-tech terms) to allow me to download video directly from our camera to the Mac. We then did the grocery shopping, I brought Agnes home, then went out to get my hair cut.

Now I'm exhausted...and I still have to fix dinner, iron my shirt to wear to work tomorrow, and try to at least get started on the third of my promised five letters (don't give up, Mike and John ... Andrea has hers, Amanda's is on its way, and you're next, bwa-ha-ha-ha!).

But in spite of so much yet to do, I still feel the urge to note that I'm growing old in the wrong of my co-workers forwarded me this Time Magazine article - Japan's Booming Sex Niche: Elder Porn (none of those young whippersnappers I work with has any respect for their elders).

The thrust of the article (you should pardon the expression) is that given Japan's steadily aging population, the market for elder porn has doubled over the past decade, and those who follow trends in pornography (and what a job that must be) believe that that in the future, the demand will only go up. So to speak. And since elder porn films feature...well...more mature players, they can be made with actors and actresses who can be paid much less than the young studs and maidens who star in more mainstream porn features.


I'd write more, but I'm heading down to the Japanese embassy to see if I can get a work visa. All they can say is "no."

And don't tell Agnes.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



Mike said...

I click on the elder porn link and what do I get? A time magazine article! What a let down. Pun intended.

Amanda said...

Porn must be so much a part of the Japanese man's life (or maybe any man's life....I don't know!). When I was there, there was even a porn channel in the hotel. Have to be careful when I'm flicking channels.

Bilbo said...

Amanda - many years ago when I lived in Germany, I had to travel to Oslo, Norway, for a meeting at the American Embassy. The Embassy put me up in a hotel which had several channels of cable television, including one from Sweden. Aha! I thought, Swedish TV!! This ought to be good!! I went to dinner, came back to the hotel, turned on the TV, tuned in the Swedish channel...and found a religious revival meeting hosted by the American blowhard preacher Jimmy Swaggart, with Swedish subtitles. I never went back to Oslo again.

lacochran said...

Wouldn't elderly people want to look at fine young things?

Sign me confused.