Monday, May 16, 2011

Of All the Plankety-Plank Things...

When I think of "planking," I think of a nice filet of marinated salmon grilling slowly on a white wine-soaked cedar plank.

This is yummy.

But apparently there is a new approach to "planking" which involves people having themselves photographed lying down in odd, humorous, or bizarre places ... some of which are so dangerous that police in Australia (are you paying attention, Amanda?) are warning people against the practice.

This is stupid.

Planking appears to be the latest Internet-encouraged rage, blamed for an increasing number of accidents involving brain-damaged dumbasses who feel the need to "plank" in ever-more-dangerous places, like the fellow in Australia who fell to his death while being photographed "planking" on a hotel balcony railing. Another clown was cited for trespassing when he was arrested while "planking" on top of a police car.

According to this article on CNN, the trend appears to have begun in 2009 as the "Lying Down Game" on Facebook before reappearing lately as "planking."

Personally, I can think of much better games to play while lying down, but I guess that's just me. I wooden like to do something overly dangerous, ha, ha.

Moving on ...

Despite the rain, we had a great weekend that featured a nice dinner to celebrate the birthday of our friend Nadja on Saturday evening and a full morning of playing with our local grandchildren yesterday. That was when I learned that Leya is much better at riding scooters than I am ... a somewhat humbling discovery.

And now it's time to scoot off to work.

Have a good day. Plank on the grill, not the balcony. More thoughts tomorrow.



Amanda said...

Yes, this Planking thing caught my attention yesterday as well when the poor guy died doing it. The only planking I do is in my once in a blue moon yoga class.

Dave Hess said...

You can send some of that excess rain over this way. We're having the driest spring in memory. I think all the rain that should have fallen here ended up in the Mississippi.

Chrissy said...

Wait, what? Laying down and taking ....what? Whatever happened to reading a book or watching a documentary on the history channel when bored? Oye

KathyA said...

1. Humility is good.

2. Planki9ng doesn't sound that different from bungie jumping, but what do I know!!

Mike said...

Planking - Darwin at work.