Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Things You Learn About Your Readers...

Over the life of this blog, I've managed to build up a stable (and I use the word advisedly on several levels) of regular readers whose comments I always eagerly await and enjoy. I've learned a lot about you, Dear Readers, in that time ... but you can still surprise me.

Yesterday, I took a serious virtual beating from some of you over one line in my post: I wrote: "...I'll take Nessa for a walk and then go to work. It's too early to drink."

The comments were not long in coming.

Gilahi wrote: "I'm sorry, sometimes I just don't understand some of the nonsensical sentences that show up here."

Banister commented: "It's never too early to drink. For an otherwise brilliant man you can say some of the dumbest things!"

Margaret (Peggy or Peg, Too) fired back: "Too early to drink? My grandmother always told me that it's 5 o'clock somewhere. How did you not learn this as a child?"

And Mike noted, characteristically: "That's why I sleep until noon. So it's not to early to drink."

You guys are the best! Your point is noted and appreciated (particularly since living here in Disneyland-on-the-Potomac will drive anyone to drink), and I am hanging my head in digital shame for my unfortunate comment. Of course, it is only 5:10 in the morning as I write this, and the coffee seems a bit better to toast you with than the gin and tonic I will surely enjoy after a stimulating day at the office ... nevertheless, I appreciate that the sun is over the yardarm somewhere, so enjoy the beverage of your choice.

Gilahi and I have enjoyed several happy hours swilling beverages and solving the world's problems (or, at least, making them no worse) ... if you find yourself in the DC metro area and are interested in doing the same, the first round's on me. You can help me repair my battered image as a cheerfully tippling bon vivant.

But after 5:00, please ... the boss frowns on drunken snoring at my desk.

Have a good day. Cheers, salut, down the hatch, etc.

More thoughts tomorrow.



Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Well I am your neighbor here in DC Metro/NoVA. I hear a happy hour someday.

Chrissy said...

I'm with your readers. There's no "drinking time." Haa. Also, from my short experience in D.C...most of the drivers there were drunk (or at least seemed like it). I mean, who seriously uses their horn that much?

I'm sure Nessa liked the walk though. :)

Raquel's World said...

I was the only one who commented on the topic and not the drinking comment...Funny.
I'm not a big drinker so that part of the post was damn near invisible to me. I was too focused on The Donald.
However, now I feel left out. :(
(Just kidding)

Mike said...

'Cheers, salut, down the hatch, etc.'

I'll drink to that!

GreenCanary said...

Not to be a total loser, but I don't think I could drink early in the day. Alcohol makes me sleepy... or amorous... neither of which work well in the office.

I'm in the D.C. area! (Well... Baltimore, but I can travel.) Count me in on that drink!