Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Everything's Tactical

Here's something I found on posted the Internet the other day on a website for curmudgeons:

"Tactical. God, I loathe that word. Everything is increasingly being described as 'tactical.' You name it - pants, jackets, hats, knives, guns, flashlights, even fish hooks! I shake my fist at the word 'tactical!'”

I know what he means.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines tactical as: "of or relating to combat tactics, such as (1): of or occurring at the battlefront; (2): using or being weapons or forces employed at the battlefront."

The reason, of course, that more and more everyday things are being described as tactical is that it makes them somehow more macho and aggressive sounding, and allows the manufacturer to increase their unit price because of the perceived boost to the testosterone of insecure customers. If you want to carry a badass-looking gun without the personal inconvenience and risks involved in joining the Army to do it, owning things you can describe as tactical lets you feel tough and ready to strut around the neighborhood, intimidating potential evildoers with the awesome power of your tactical presence as you order your lunch

or wait to take communion on Sunday, surrounded by people who may not have confessed all their sins.

And you can even carry your baby in the Tactical Baby Carrier -

It's certainly no coincidence that tactical and testicle sound very similar, since they both enhance one's manhood.

Have a tactically advantageous day. More thoughts tomorrow.



John Hill said...

Tactical is the marketing tool of the day.

Mike said...

Tactical in civilian life is tactless.

allenwoodhaven said...

Some people will say anything to make a buck.