Sunday, September 19, 2021

Poetry Sunday

I'm very fond of poetry, and when I'm confused or depressed (which is depressingly often nowadays), I like to relax and calm down with a book of poetry.

Which today's Poetry Sunday is not.

I have seen this satirical piece several times across the Internet over the last week or so, and I'm not sure who the brilliant person was who decided that a December 2019 speech full of Der Furor's rambling nonsense might make a sort of very-free-verse poem. I'd like to be able to credit the original idea, but we'll just go with it for today, with the acknowledgement and understanding that it's not my work ... even though I wish it was ...

I never understood wind.
You know, I know
windmills very much.
I have studied it
better than anybody
else. It’s very expensive.
They are made in China
and Germany mostly.
—Very few made here, almost none,
but they are manufactured, tremendous
—if you are into this—
tremendous fumes. Gases are
spewing into the atmosphere. You know
we have a world
So the world
is tiny
compared to the universe.
So tremendous, tremendous
amount of fumes and everything.
You talk about
the carbon footprint
— fumes are spewing into the air.
Right? Spewing.
Whether it’s in China,
Germany, it’s going into the air.
It’s our air
their air
everything — right?
A windmill will kill many bald eagles.
After a certain number
they make you turn the windmill off.
That is true.
—By the way
they make you turn it off.
And yet, if you killed one
they put you in jail.
That is OK.
You want to see a bird graveyard?
You just go.
Take a look.
A bird graveyard.
Go under a windmill someday,
you’ll see
more birds
than you’ve ever seen ever
in your life.

If we're going to elect a poet to be president, we can do better than this by electing, say, Edgar Allan Poe. Of course, he's dead ... but he'd still be an improvement on Der Furor.

Have a good day and enjoy the rest of your weekend. More thoughts coming.



Mike said...

The book is 176 pages long. It could be 10,000 pages of rambling.

allenwoodhaven said...

That's one strange stream of consciousness, but it's how Trump perceives the world. Almost makes more sense as free verse rather than part of a speech, but it's still nonsense!

Debi said...

Oh my, just when one thought you heard the last of this dim wit. I still can not understand how this lame brain got that far. Plot to destroy your country succeeded for far to long. The worst time of my life and now because the wind bags who put this in The White House has enable others to try the same thing. Here in Canada their is a rising of orange chips off the dump block who try the same shtic and rally the brain dead. Its becoming far more than my naïve brain can handle. Not the best subject to visit a new blogger, but

Nice to read your blog, thank you for commenting and visiting mine. Wish us luck here in Canada, it is Election Day and I will breath tomorrow.....maybe.