Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Dirty Movies and Fancy Underpants

Here's a great quote to start off this week's Hump Day:

"If the greatest concerns in your life include dirty movies and fancy underpants, your existence is far easier than that of many of your fellow Americans."

That marvelous statement came from this marvelous article by Jonathan Hunley, pointed out to me by my co-worker John: One's Freedom Is Another's Anathema.

The article is a commentary on the passions that have been aroused (no pun intended) by a plan to open an "adult" store in Manassas, Virginia. Those in favor of the store see nothing wrong in opening a store that caters to a specific clientele, as long as all the applicable laws and regulations (zoning, tax, distance from schools and parks, etc) are obeyed; those opposed - who are threatening in advance to film and photograph everyone who visits the store and put the images online - view the store as a hideous sign of moral depravity and abomination.

As with so many other arguments nowadays on topics large and small (anybody wanna build a mosque?), common sense has been checked at the door.

Mr Hunley writes that "The really ugly truth about this whole situation is not the content of a retailer’s wares but something that became apparent last week. People want freedom as long as it’s their freedom. If someone else’s freedom doesn’t jibe, then they’re screaming for lawyers, guns and money to stop it."

He's absolutely right. Everyone today howls about his (or her) rights ... but sees nothing wrong in demanding restrictions on the rights of others.

Just another joyous aspect of life in these troubled times. Me, I think Robbie Fulks has it right...

Have a good day. Worry about something better than dirty movies and fancy underwear.

More thoughts tomorrow.



Raquel's World said...

Interesting. I like visiting adult stores but if my image was posted online that would not be good for the PTA or the job I hold.

I think its a good fight tactic to photo people who visit the store but if it was me they were taking pics of it's not so good anymore.
So in closing I have to agree with Mr. Hunley as well when he says "People want freedom as long as it’s their freedom. If someone else’s freedom doesn’t jibe, then they’re screaming for lawyers, guns and money to stop it."

KathyA said...

We experienced this myopic 'ness' some years ago, when our county wanted to update sex education in the schools. The opposing group didn't want their children taught the new curriculum, but more importantly they didn't want MY children taught it, either!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Instead of calling it an adult store, why doesn't it say 'dirty books sold here'.

Alex said...

This is merely the logical corollary to NIMBY, which affects everything from adult stores to landfills to wind mills to dog parks to child playgrounds to solar arrays to nuclear reactors.

Not in my back yard.

Mike said...

Next thing you know they'll try and stop dirty movies on cable .... oops, to late.

aalenwoodhaven said...

Don't you see that they know better?! Every else would agree with them (on whatever) if these others were just smarter/wiser/more moral/etc. but since these others obviously aren't, it's their duty to make decisions for all of us. That should be comforting....

Apologies to Bilbo's First Law.(Don't let anyone else do your thinking for you.)