Monday, April 04, 2011

For Sale* ...

One dysfunctional government, hardly used. Includes:

- 535 bickering, self-important personnel;

- Large roll of heavy-duty string for convenient attachment to corporate sponsors;

- Complete, taxpayer-funded support staff;

- Campaign financing provided by special interests (accounting not required);

- Operating instructions (seldom read and little understood);

- Multiple entrances: front door for lobbyists and special interests; back door for individual constituents and annoying Real People. Separate revolving side door reserved for staff members hired from or departing to professional lobby organizations.

As is. No warranty offered or implied.

No refunds. We can't help it if you don't think through the consequences before you buy.

Exchange possible only on completion of contract (two years for the House; six years for the Senate).

Must sell - can only be operated properly by large corporations, the wealthy, and the politically well-connected ... current (at least, on paper) owners unable to do anything with it.

Good luck.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.


* Image courtesy of Miss Cellania.


Mike said...

Do I have to be president or can I be King?

KathyA said...

Accounting not required? Isn't accounting forbidden???
And you forgot 'selective memory'...