Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Assorted Rants

Part 1: Friday the 13th.

As you already know, today is Friday the 13th. Oddly enough, yesterday was Thursday the 12th, and tomorrow will be Saturday the 14th (at least, if you can believe Mike).

So what?

I don't think Congress will reduce its level of inane ass-clownery, be any more effective, or pay any more attention to the Real Problems of Real People.

I think I will probably enjoy the same level of heave-a-sigh quality taskings at work.

I think most people who shout loudly about political issues ... won't think.

Why is Friday the 13th special? Over to you, Mike.

Part 2: Papers, Please.

Why is it (insert appropriate inflammatory adjective - such as racist - here) to ask a person to identify themselves when voting? After all, we don't ask donors of vast amounts of money to political campaigns to identify themselves when they buy elections. Discuss.

Part 3: Mitt Romney Booed by NAACP.

First, booing a speaker is impolite and uncalled-for, so shame on the audience. Second, what the hell did Mr Romney expect?

Part 4: Penn State.

I love my alma mater. And I'm ashamed at what I've learned about it in the last 24 hours. Sigh.

Part 5: A Sign of the Times.

CNN is reporting that the uniforms worn by the US Olympic Team in London are made in ... China. What more can I say? By the way, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has issued a statement saying the US Olympic Committee "should be ashamed." I'm amazed that someone in Congress has actually done something, however minor.

Part 6: Legos!!

I am making slow progress on the construction of the Lego model of the Star Wars "Super Star Destroyer" (over 3,100 pieces) that Agnes gave me for Fathers' Day ...

This is no small feat for someone with bad eyesight and wonky color vision. Can I have a "woot!" here?

And that's all for today. Since it is, actually, Friday the 13th, be sure to avoid black cats, walking under ladders, and breaking mirrors. We have enough bad luck this year already.

Have a good day. Come back tomorrow for Cartoon Saturday. More thoughts then.



John said...

One analyst speculates that Gov. Romney's comments were designed to get boos at the NAACP to bolster support in predominately white racist districts in the South.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Speaking before the NAACP seems to be a mandatory "to-do" for politicians running for National office. If one doesn't make this appearance, there will be even more criticism.

For the life of me I don't see asking for identification as "racist".

Have a sparkling Friday!


Big Sky Heidi said...

The whole Penn State thing is incredibly sad, and yesterday's revelations are sadder.
The whole I.D. thing is overblown. After all, you're asked for I.D. when you buy beer. Is that also racist?

A woot, and a high five!

Amanda said...

I'll send Aaron over to help you with that lego - he's become a real expert these days!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...



Mike said...

One thing I had never done was look up Friday the 13th in Wikipedia. IKR! Here's the link -

Guess what. Friday the 13th happens on Tuesday in Spain!! IKR!

It seems that this superstition is a recent thing. (last 150 years)

I'm going to put a link to the wiki article on my sidebar. Imagine the internet traffic I'll be getting!

Banana Oil said...

I enjoyed your rants today.