Monday, July 02, 2012

Payment for Results?

One of the very best opinion pieces I've read in a long time is this one by CNN contributor Bob Greene - Why Do We Pay Politicians for No Results?

What an excellent question!

Mr Greene puts it this way:

"Whether, individually, we are conservatives or liberals or somewhere in the middle, we have a right to expect the people who have been hired to solve the country's problems to do just that, and to spare us the name-calling and blame-shifting. We wouldn't accept that from electricians or auto mechanics; there is no reason to accept it from men and women with federal titles."

What a novel concept ... expecting results rather than complaints and finger-pointing! Of course, the apologists for each side don't see it that way. They sanctimoniously shake their heads and spout political bromides and twisted statistics that "prove" every problem would be solved if only the other guy wasn't so stupid and would just see the light and do things their way. And so, of course, nothing worthwhile ever gets done, except we get lots of post offices named and motions in honor of National Coal Tar Appreciation Month passed.

Ass clowns.

The next time you hire a plumber to fix your toilet, imagine that you had the same ability to demand good performance from your elected reprehensives as you do from that plumber. Don't you wish you could file a complaint with a Better Government Bureau the way you can with the Better Business Bureau?

Well, in a way you can ... remember this sorry performance come the next election, and be sure to vote for the ineffective dumbass of your choice.

Have a good day. Demand more, expect less*.

More thoughts tomorrow.


* In the words of the immortal Jerry Reed, "He who expected nothin' ain't gonna be deceived!"


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Jerry Reed is right.

And Bob Greene is too. If Congress had a shread of decency, they would en masse pay back their salaries for this year's nonperformance. But I'm assuming decency here.

Have a nice week.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

The cartoon effectively represents us -- liberals and conservatives -- aiming at each other. We should demand results of government. Even a three strikes you're out policy would be an improvement.

Mike said...

As I saw on a PBS show recently, everyone thinks congress sucks. Except for their own magnificent representative.

Duckbutt said...

Can we collect for overpayment?