Friday, July 20, 2012

Worshiping the Weapon of Your Choice

Despite what some far-right zealots would have you believe, the United States was not founded as a "Christian nation," but as a nation in which all people of all faiths might freely exercise their beliefs without having them imposed by a king, imam, Pope, ayatollah, or other figure marinated in religious righteousness. The Founders lived in a world which had recent experience of religious wars, and weren't interested in bringing this to the new country they were establishing.

But that's not to say that we don't have a national religion here in the good old USA - we do!

It's worship at the festooned altar of firearms, of course.

Devout adherents of the First Reformed Church of the National Rifle Association (everybody shout "amen"!!) have their holy scripture (the Second Amendment to the Constitution), and have worked hard to elect their chosen candidates office in spite of the Constitutional ban on religious tests for office (Article VI) ... in 1997 for example, The Onion reported that Texas voters had elected a .44 calibre revolver to the Senate.

Devout gun worshipers work hard every day to ensure that you can exercise the freedom to worship your firearm of choice, regardless of caliber or magazine size ... recent court cases have beaten back shameful attempts to limit freedom of gun worship, including a crucial 5-4 Supreme Court decision (National Rifle Association v Mercy Hospital) upholding the right of a Tennessee citizen to carry a concealed howitzer in a hospital maternity ward.

Exercise your freedom to maintain your own Holy Arsenal ... worship the gun of your choice, say "hallelujah!"

Have a good day. Honor Saints Glock, Smith, Wesson, and Colt. More thoughts tomorrow.



eViL pOp TaRt said...

It may be a cult within this religion, but some people celebrate the New Year or other occasions by shooting a gun into the air, not being mondful of where the bullets may fall!

Duckbutt said...

It's amazing that the NRA has such influence on politicians despite the dangerousness of guns. They much have bought the like sacks of potatoes.

Amanda said...

Hey, you have a very apt post today. I can't figure out the time but you might not even have read the news about the Colorado cinema shooting yet when you posted this.

Its horrible to think that there were children, even babies, shot there.

Mike said...

I forgot to buy my stash of guns while in Viginia. I hear it's easy to get some there.

Elvie said...

Very well put, Bill.
We have the best representatives money can buy and the NRA has lots of money to buy them.
Historically: The bloody image of Dodge was cleaned up only after guns were banned from the town proper.