Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Ass Clown of the Month Award for December!

Our last Ass Clown of the Month award was presented back in October to one Edward Archibold, who died after eating dozens of live cockroaches and worms in a contest for which the grand prize was an $850 python. There was no award presented last month, despite the plethora of available candidates, which gives us a rich field from which to select our final Ass Clown of the Month for 2012.

The number of superbly qualified candidates in competition for the dishonor is very large, and made it all but impossible to select a single winner, and so I have decided to declare a group award. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ass Clown of the Month for December, 2012 goes to ...

President Obama,
The Entire Senate,
The Entire House of Representatives

For their shameless political posturing and willingness to drag the entire country into a new recession because of an unwillingness to work together, compromise their cherished beliefs, piss off Grover Norquist*, or consider targeted cuts to personal sacred cows, the President and the entire collection of elected lawmakers share the dubious designation of Ass Clown of the Month ... and on December 31st, if (as expected) they're still playing dice with the lives of every American**, they will likely be very strong contenders for Ass Clown of the Year***.

The situation is dire, but because we need something to laugh at besides the ludicrous antics of our elected officials, here's a clever parody from Mad Magazine ... if you're one of my Facebook friends, you saw this yesterday; for the rest of you, here are the Google Maps directions to the Fiscal Cliff (click to enlarge) ...

It's now time to open up the voting for the 2012 Ass Clown of the Year Award. Yes, Dear Readers, just like last year, YOU are once again invited to submit your nominations for the annual winner. Chicago rules apply: vote early, vote often, vote for individuals, vote for groups, vote for multiple candidates, I don't care ... just vote - it's all up to you. Balloting will end at 11:59 PM (Eastern Daylight Time) on December 31st, and the results will be announced on January 1st, 2013. Let your voice be heard!

Have a good day. Let your Senator and Reprehensive know what you think ... they're certainly not listening to me any more.

More thoughts tomorrow.


* Ass Clown of the Month for July, 2011.

** Except, of course, for the sainted 1%.

*** And that award, richly deserved, last year went to the GOP.


Wabbit said...

Bill, this year I think that the Republican Party has outdone itself. It deserves this award for so many reasons! Paul Ryan??? An even bigger joke than Mitt Romney who is second here. Todd Akin and the rest of his mis-informed misogynist colleagues who need more than one good swift kick in the nuts! Whomever thought that we, the American voters, would fall for their confused, lying, and contradictory statements about pretty much everything. The way the GOP ran the entire campaign deserves another vote for them. They should be stripped of the nickname Grand Old Party, which I'm sure they thought up for themselves anyway.

But then don't we have to nominate all the Democrats too? Maybe. I see them more as failing than as blatently offensive to the intelligence of voters which is another place where the Republicans took the cake and rubbed it not only in our faces but in their own and then said, "Cake? You mean the Obamacake!" "We invented cake!" "Let them eat cake!" (Since we cannot afford our meds? The ones that cost 40 cents a pill in Canada and $4 a pill here?) All of the Dems who were just as bad as the Repulicans in producing so much negative advertising about their opponents that I literally had to look up and see who was R and who was D!

Another candidate would be anyone who did not vote and especially those who were not even registered to vote because of their apathy. Disgusting AssClowns!

OK, I think my blood pressure is high enough now to need an extra pill this morning!

Bilbo said...

Ah, Marilyn - you're beautiful when you're angry! Thanks for the comment, and be sure to vote in the annual competition!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

There are not enough months.

Mike said...

There are too many to pick from. So the GOP wins by default.

allenwoodhaven said...

I think the GOP is the best choice. Others, including some Democrats, are certainly ass-clowns but the GOP has consistently and gone above and beyond in earning the designation.

Duckbutt said...

I'll vote for the Democrats in the House, just to balance things off. All of them get their compromising clothes from Goofuses R Us.