Sunday, September 27, 2015

Poetry Sunday

I love cheese. Sometimes in the summer, Agnes will make a cheese and fruit platter that we'll enjoy for dinner, and we almost always have several kinds of cheese around for breakfast and for snacking during the day. Yes, I know it's probably unhealthy as all get-out, but what can I say ... I love cheese! And so does poet Donald Hall ...

O Cheese 
by Donald Hall 

In the pantry the dear dense cheeses, Cheddars and harsh
Lancashires; Gorgonzola with its magnanimous manner;
the clipped speech of Roquefort; and a head of Stilton
that speaks in a sensuous riddling tongue like Druids.
O cheeses of gravity, cheeses of wistfulness, cheeses
that weep continually because they know they will die.
O cheeses of victory, cheeses wise in defeat, cheeses
fat as a cushion, lolling in bed until noon.
Liederkranz ebullient, jumping like a small dog, noisy;
Pont l’Évêque intellectual, and quite well informed; Emmentaler
decent and loyal, a little deaf in the right ear;
and Brie the revealing experience, instantaneous and profound.
O cheeses that dance in the moonlight, cheeses
that mingle with sausages, cheeses of Stonehenge.
O cheeses that are shy, that linger in the doorway,
eyes looking down, cheeses spectacular as fireworks.
Reblochon openly sexual; Caerphilly like pine trees, small
at the timberline; Port du Salut in love; Caprice des Dieux
eloquent, tactful, like a thousand-year-old hostess;
and Dolcelatte, always generous to a fault.
O village of cheeses, I make you this poem of cheeses,
O family of cheeses, living together in pantries,
O cheeses that keep to your own nature, like a lucky couple,
this solitude, this energy, these bodies slowly dying.

I've never thought of any cheese being "openly sexual," but as a consenting adult, I'm willing to give it a try.

Have a good day. More thoughts coming.



Duckbutt said...

I like cheeses too. All kinds!

Grand Crapaud said...

This is a nice poetic celebration of cheeses!

Mike said...

I knew a girl named Brie but I didn't think she was cheesy at all.

allenwoodhaven said...

A fun poem! I like cheese too,

Big Sky Heidi said...

Brie or Gouda! Gargonzola a fit topping for both hamburgers and asparagus!

Anemone said...

A little cheese goes well with chili or salads.