Friday, March 11, 2016

The Right Cheek Ass Clown for March, 2016

Yes, Dear Readers, it's that time again ... time to turn the spotlight of dishonor on yet another deserving recipient, the Right Cheek Ass Clown for March, 2016.

Given the speed with which the world is rocketing toward Hell in the proverbial handbasket, it's very difficult ... indeed, more difficult than usual ... to select the best of the vast scrum of candidates clamoring for this award. But though it's a dirty job, it has to be done, and so it is that I designate* 

The Right Cheek Ass Clown for March, 2016

New Jersey Governor
Failed Presidential Candidate

Chris Christie

Governor Christie had already made himself a prime candidate for this award well before his abortive run for the presidency, distinguishing himself by being accused of causing a monumental traffic jam in New Jersey in September of 2013 in order to punish the mayor of Ft Lee, NJ, who had not endorsed Christie for re-election.  But he truly excelled in the competition by demonstrating the finest in political flexibility when, after spending months hammering at fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump, he withdrew from the race and obsequiously endorsed The Donald for the job.

It is often said that state governors, having more hands-on experience of the management of public affairs than most candidates (and certainly most political appointees to government office), tend to make better presidents. In the case of Governor Christie, however, his actions while in office and his excessive time away from work to campaign both on behalf of himself and later of The Trumpster, make him a questionable candidate at best**.

For his shameless political opportunism and failure to do the job for which he was elected, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is named our Right Cheek Ass Clown of the month for 2016. 

And he leaves some pretty big cheeks for the next candidate to fill, too.

Have a good day, and be sure to come back tomorrow for Cartoon Saturday. More thoughts then.


* With thanks to my friend Dave in Germany for the reminder.

** And we haven't even mentioned the lawsuit filed by New Jersey individuals and advocacy groups demanding he reimburse taxpayers for state funds he has used to cover costs of travel and security while campaigning across the country rather than governing.


Dave Hess said...

Great choice!! There's not a more deserving candidate out there, although Ben Carson is getting ready to make his bit for the next award.

John A Hill said...

He does leave quite an impression!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Really big cheeks to fill, indeed. Good choice!

The Bastard King of England said...

He deserved t for Bridgegate and being out of state so much.

Mike said...

Political opportunism is an understatement.

Linda Kay said...

I'm still waiting for naming Hillary.

Bilbo said...

Linda, I continue to take flak from my more conservative friends for not yet having bestowed this award on Ms Clinton. You need to realize that, although she is a perennially strong contender, the depth and strength of the bench of utterly batshit crazy people against whom she's competing has thus far kept her from making the final cut. Don't give up hope ... there will be 19 more opportunities for her to be recognized this year, although the competition will certainly remain fierce.

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer said...

He finally got the cherished award. And possibly a Vice-President candidate.

allenwoodhaven said...

Great choice, Bilbo. As a resident of NJ, I'm proud (?) to have him win this award. It's more than well deserved. His lack of governance has put the state in a terrible mess, though he says he's done a wonderful job. You only scratched the surface of his qualifications.

As a personal side note, I've predicted for almost his entire presidential campaign that he is trying to be attorney general. He stated during his campaign that he's be a lousy VP. He doesn't like being second banana but would love, I think, to be in charge of the Justice Dept.