Friday, August 25, 2017

The Left-Cheek Ass Clown for August, 2017

Most of the time it's very difficult to single out a single award recipient from the swirling sea of potential candidates, but this week the dishonoree was clear.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

The Left-Cheek Ass Clown Award
August, 2017

is presented to

Louise Linton

This past Monday, Ms Linton - actress and wife of Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin - posted a photo to her Instagram account that showed her deplaning from an official US Government aircraft, with all of her costly, high-end clothes and accessories labeled ... 

The optics were poor, and another Instagram user - a 45 year-old mother of three in Oregon - criticized what appeared to be her abuse of government-funded travel: 

“Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable.”

The situation spun out of control when Ms Linton shot back at the commenter ...

“Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband? Either as an individual earner in taxes OR in self sacrifice to your country? ... “I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day ‘trip’ than you did. Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you’d be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours ... You’re adorably out of touch.”


Ms Linton's snarky response engendered a firestorm of angry responses, and she took down the Instagram post and apologized for it in a statement provided through her publicist* ... 

“I apologize for my post on social media yesterday as well as my response. It was inappropriate and highly insensitive.”

Where I come from, we call this "locking the barn door after the horse runs off." 

For her tone-deaf confirmation of every ugly stereotype of the self-centered, overly-entitled 1%, Louise Linton is presented the Left-Cheek Ass Clown Award for August, 2017. 

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow, when Cartoon Saturday rides in like the cavalry to save you from yet another miserable week.


* Not many of us can afford a publicist to speak for us so we don't have to eat our own crow.


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Good choice in a close contest! The Trump adminsitration might eventually be brought down by incautious use of social media.

Mike said...

Great pick! As a side award how about the 'Snooty Bitch' award?

Deena said...

Another PR nightmare!

Kristen Drittsekkdatter said...

Good choice and I second Mike's idea.

allenwoodhaven said...

A worthy recipient! There's a lot of "tone deafness" going on these days. Glad I'm not a political publicist.

Mike's got a good idea.