Monday, April 14, 2008

A Good Weekend, with Pictures!

After a morning of pouring rain and general misery, last Saturday turned out to be a good day - the sky cleared, the sun came out, and it turned warm and pleasant. I took the opportunity to take my camera and snap a few early photos of my garden, plus a few pictures of spring flowers with my spiffy macro lens...

Here's the left side garden as of April 12th:

Three basil plants on the left, three rosemary plants on the right; two tarragons in the back, two dills in the middle, and two thymes in front. If things grow like they did last year, we (and all the neighbors) should have plenty of herbs for the year.

And here's the right side:

The parsley and chives came roaring back from last year, and there's still some space in the back for something else...I may put in some more thyme, since we use lots of it.

I also took Punky and wandered the neighborhood looking for good pictures of spring flowers. Here are a few samples:

Isn't Spring great?

On Sunday, we drove up to the University of Maryland at College Park for the Baby BAM Jam, a beginner-level dance competition sponsored by BAM (Ballroom at Maryland), the university ballroom dance club. We didn't go specifically for the competition, although we did enjoy watching some of the warm-ups and practice dances; we actually went because we'd learned that a noted British tailor would be there to take measurements and orders for custom-tailored men's tailsuits for international-style dancing. Since I'm now learning (and ready to compete in) the international style, Agnes has decided that my trusty classic tuxedo needs to be augmented by the tailsuit that's considered proper attire for international events. Sigh.

If you want to know what it's like to dance in tails, you can get an idea from this comment by Adam Corolla on "Dancing with the Stars:" Samantha Harris asked him if he was able to relax a little more since he'd survived two weeks of competition, and he replied, "Relax? I'm wearing a nine-piece suit and dancing live in front of 25 million people, and you want me to relax??"

The man has a point.

Once I get the tailsuit (before our next planned competition in June), I'll have Agnes take a picture of me looking suave and debonaire...or swayve and deboner, as is probably more accurate. The ladies can all swoon and Mike can make jokes...but of course, he's just jealous.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



The Mistress of the Dark said...

Isn't it lovely to see the flowers blooming considering its so cold right now!

Amanda said...

I like your garden. Its so neat and tidy. Mine looks so overgrown because of the zucchini plants but I dare not cut the leaves off yet because I still haven't had any fruit.

I like the look of the men in tails better than those that you sometimes see with their shirts unbuttoned down to their belly buttons. Like sometimes for some of those Latin dances. It just always gives me the impression of gangster wannabes.

Mike said...

I get the creepy crawlies just putting on a suit. I'd probably break out in hives puttin' on tails.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A super spring collection.