Monday, July 26, 2010

The Economy Is So Bad That...

The other day, Mike quoted statistics from an article about the death of the Middle Class in America. As I noted in the comment I posted, I'd have been much more upset about the topic if I'd actually had any class. But be that as it may, I gave up worrying about the state of the economy long ago. It's kind of like the weather: we all complain about it, but no one can actually do anything about it. Except Congress, of course, and pretty much everything they do makes it worse unless you're a member of that golden top 1% that's a Federally-Protected Species.

Anyhow, you don't have to read articles full of mind-numbing statistics to recognize how bad the economy can read articles like this one from CNN Money - Newark Mayor: No Toilet Paper for City Offices.

What a pain in the ... uh ... never mind.

Yes, friends, you know things are bad when city workers have to bring their own toilet paper to work with them. What's next? Will Newark workers have to bring gallon jugs of water to power their own flushes? The possibilities are endless, and horrifying.

But it's not all bad, though. Those of you who have traveled in Eastern Europe in the days of the Cold War know that Soviet Bloc toilet paper was pretty nasty ... waxy and full of chunks of unprocessed wood. Charmin it wasn't. So I suppose Newark could have just bought up all of that unused Cold War toilet tissue (probably dumped in an abandoned mine in some remote region) for a song and and imposed it on the poor city workers. Or it could have looked at other options, like ...

Sometimes, you just have to count your blessings.

Have a good day. Stock up on that Charmin, just in case.

More thoughts tomorrow.



KathyA said...

I've been to Newark...

Mike said...

Bring your own TP. It's like camping!!

And then the article said - 'people will see tax bills into the thousands'.

OH NO! Does he mean like the rest of us? 'The thousands'? Come on. WTF. Does he mean that people have property tax bills LESS than a thousand dollars? Are they living in tents? WAIT, there's that camping thing again.