Monday, July 19, 2010

Signs of the Times

We often use symbols to represent ordinary things that might take too long or be too cumbersome to write out, or for any of a lot of different reasons. At one time, for instance, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince wanted to be known as -

Symbols are often used to represent major currencies. The pound, dollar, yen, and Euro are represented by these symbols -

Thus, we could write "Ten thousand dollars," or "$10,000," or even "$10K" (or, if you work for the government, "$10M," "$10B," or even "$10T."

If you're like most of us nowadays, and don't have enough money to use the "K," "M," or "B" shortcuts, the symbol for cent is often used -


It's a big deal for a currency to have its own symbol. It means you've arrived, that you're a major economic player. There's no generally accepted symbol for the Russian ruble, for instance, or (yet) for the Chinese currency (either the yuan or the renminbi, which is simply listed as "CNY").

The Indian rupee now has its own symbol -

The arrival of this spiffy new symbol for the rupee suggests that it's possible to come up with new currency symbols, perhaps to account for changes in the world economy. I thought we might look at introducing a new symbol for the almighty dollar. This one seems appropriate for most of us -

If you're a Republican, this one might be more your style -

Anybody have any other ideas?

Have a good day, if only symbolically.

More thoughts tomorrow.



The Mistress of the Dark said...

The pound is sinking...the lire's falling...the dracmhma very week..

Suddenly you've put a very odd Paul McCartney song in my head.

Bandit said...

Picture a hand waving goodbye.

Gotfam said...

I gave a lady a symbol today...while driving. Maybe it wasn't the best symbol to front of my kids. Not my proudest moment.

My son uses sign language for words he can't say...that is sort of a symbol...

Mike said...

I'm glad you found the rupee symbol. I couldn't the other day. I can now rest easy.

As far as Prince goes you can read the symbol as OhHornPlusPoint. Shortened to OHPeePee.

KathyA said...

How about the sign for null?