Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Electoral Hangover

In the (perhaps apocryphal) words of a defeated politician: "The people have spoken ... the bastards."

Across the nation, Republicans are celebrating the short memory of the Common American Voter (electorus gullibleus) while Democrats are licking their electoral wounds, having lost control of the House and seen their control of the Senate weakened.

Statistically, according to CNN as of the time of this writing:

* 62% of the voters said the economy was their #1 concern. And yet they voted back the party that had a leading role in wrecking it (shakes head).

* 47% of "seniors" supported the Tea Party. You'd think they'd know better (continues to shake head).

Here in the 11th District of Virginia after a nasty, mud-slinging campaign, incumbent Representative Gerry Connolly has apparently defeated Republican challenger Keith Fimian by 487 votes (out of about 220,000 cast) with 99% of the precincts reporting. Think about that if you don't believe your vote counts. If you didn't vote, shame on you. You have no right to complain about anything.

Well, I'm just glad that we will be able to maintain the grand American tradition of mendacity, stupidity and gridlock in Congress. And I can't wait to see how those Republicans go about making good on all the grand and vacuous promises they made to get elected. This ought to be good (and I use the term good in this context very advisedly).

That's all for now. I've got to process all this and decide whether or not it's time to ask Amanda to put in a good word for me with the Australian immigration authorities.


Have a good day to the extent you can, depending on your political point of view. More thoughts tomorrow.



Raquel's World said...

You are not alone. I'm feeling the annoyance as well. Uughh.

Mike said...

We had several races that went right down to the last votes counted too.

KathyA said...

I'm disgusted and more than annoyed. Can't believe the populace is this freakin' STUPID!

Edwin said...

I had the experience this fall of representing the Secretary of State in an election contest of a primary which was decided by one vote. No question that every vote matters.