Friday, March 14, 2014

The Ass Clown of the Month Award for March, 2014

It is time once again, Dear Readers, to announce the latest dishonoree to be our

Ass Clown of the Month.

It's been more than a month since we named Vladimir Putin as the February Ass Clown of the Month. Since then, Mr Putin has confirmed the righteousness of his award, having taken over Crimea and thumbed his nose at the rest of the world. Can I pick 'em or can't I?

As usual, there is no shortage of potential candidates. Celebrities, politicians, and dirtbags of all sorts line up for their moment in the limelight. This month, our winner was nominated by my good friend Bakr, who shares my disdain for moronic political figures who push the envelope of intelligence, propriety, and common decency in public service.

Dear Readers, the Ass Clown of the Month award for March, 2014 goes to

Kyle Tasker

Mr Tasker, a Republican state representative from New Hampshire, posted a sexually explicit joke about women who have been the victims of domestic abuse on a Facebook page ... on a thread which he entered to defend another New Hampshire Republican, Mark Warden, who commented last year that some women “like being in abusive relationships.” Tasker added his own offensive comment, posting a graphic of two stick figures engaging in oral sex with the caption, “50,000 battered women and I still eat mine plain.” In another tasteless Facebook post, Tasker suggested that he needed to be drunk to work with Democrats on the state’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee. He also once demonstrated his responsible support of Second Amendment rights by accidentally dropping a loaded gun - one of two .45 caliber pistols he wears in shoulder holsters - as he took his seat in a crowded hearing room.

For crass behavior that gives conservatives a name worse than they already have, and for being a dreadful embarrassment to the people who elected him, Kyle Tasker is designated as our Ass Clown of the Month.

What a guy.

Have a good day. Send your nominees for future Ass Clowns of the Month to der(underscore)blogmeister(at)yahoo(dot)com. See you tomorrow for Cartoon Saturday.



The Mistress of the Dark said...

I really think we need to fire everyone in congress and start fresh...However I think if you want to run for office you should have some brain cells to rub together just to run.

Mike said...

Had not heard about this d-bag before. It sounds like he would fit right in the Missouri legislature Republicans.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Good choice Bilbo!

allenwoodhaven said...

This guy had escaped my notice. Thanks for the designation; he certainly deserves it. Let's hope he doesn't consider it a badge of honor. I have family in NH and will have to ask them about this guy. I hope he's not in their district. Unfortunately he's such an idiot that he may achieve higher office!