Sunday, April 05, 2015

Poetry Sunday

We all daydream. We look at our lives and imagine what might have been and wonder if it would have been better or worse ... or more or less the same. This poem speaks to that bit of daydream ...

The Day You Looked Upon Me As A Stranger 
by Jeffrey Harrison 

I had left you at the gate to buy a newspaper
and on my way back stopped at a bank of monitors
to check the status of our flight to London.
That was when you noticed a middle-aged man
in a brown jacket and the green short-brimmed cap
I’d bought for the trip. It wasn’t until I turned
and walked toward you that you saw him as me.
What a nice-looking man, you told me you’d thought-
maybe European, with that unusual cap …
somebody, you said, you might want to meet.
We both laughed. And it aroused my vanity
that you had been attracted to me afresh,
with no baggage. A kind of affirmation.
But doubt seeped into that crevice of time
when you had looked upon me as a stranger,
and I wondered if you’d pictured him
as someone more intriguing than I could be
after decades of marriage, all my foibles known.
Did you have one of those under-the-radar daydreams
of meeting him, hitting it off, and getting
on a plane together? In those few moments,
did you imagine a whole life with him?
And were you disappointed, or glad, to find
it was only the life you already had?

Have a good day. Enjoy the life you have, whatever the shortcomings you imagine.

More thoughts tomorrow.



eViL pOp TaRt said...

That is like overthinking an originally pleasurable experience. Grabbing the brass ring and thinking "it's only brass."

Mike said...

It's too late to be disappointed. Move forward.

Duckbutt said...

It is better to be surprised and amused than disappointed,