Wednesday, April 01, 2015

April Fools' Day

Today is Wednesday, April 1st … the day commonly known as “April Fools’ Day.” It’s a day when people play practical jokes on each other and the media report bizarre, made-up stories with no factual basis*. April Fool’s Day has been a popular quasi-holiday since the 1800’s … it’s not an official national holiday anywhere, but it is well-known and widely observed in Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil and – of course - the United States.

One of the best April Fool pranks ever was played by the Guardian newspaper on April 1, 1977, when it printed a seven-page supplement commemorating the tenth anniversary of the independence of the island nation of San Serriffe, complete with maps and themed advertisements from major companies. You can read the whole story in my April Fools’ Day post from last year.

Unfortunately, April Fools’ Day isn’t as much fun as it used to be, mostly because so many professional fools use the other 364 days (365 in leap years) to spread buffoonery far and wide, squeezing out the amateurs. It’s especially bad now, when we’re stumbling helplessly into the whirling maelstrom of foolishness of the 2016 presidential campaigns. You need only look at the presumptive candidates** to know that we’re in for an epic load of enormously expensive, world-class ass-clownery.

And it’s not just the politicians doing it.

Our stable of April Fools has expanded to include climate change deniers; people who reject proven science; anti-vaccination zealots; people who want the right to carry concealed weapons everywhere, no matter how inappropriate; and hyper-religious wingnuts (whether Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster). And that’s just for starters.

It won’t be time to name April's Right Cheek Ass Clown for another week and a half, but today seems appropriate to give at least a sad acknowledgement to a man who would be a world-class contender for the award, and is a poster child for April Foolery – I refer, of course, to Indiana governor Mike Pence, who has twisted himself into knots trying to evade responsibility for his shameful “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” which legitimizes bigotry by allowing anyone the right to use their religious beliefs as an excuse for denying rights to others.

Governor Pence gives the finger to those of whom he doesn't approve

Yes, Dear Readers, today is April Fools' Day. Perhaps it ought to be a national holiday, with parades, presidential statements, and non-binding Congressional resolutions. Heaven knows we have enough people to be recognized.

Have a good day. Pity the fools***. More thoughts tomorrow.


* Except for Fox News, which pretty much does that every day.

** Yes, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton, I’m talking to you.

*** Where's Mr T when you need him?


eViL pOp TaRt said...

What can be more fitting than to honor our foola?

Linda Kay said...

And the list would go on and on and on, right? So many foolish about a bill that recognizes that the climate change is inadvertently effecting women more than men? Craziness.

John Hill said...


Anemone said...

"God has a special providence for fools, drunks, and the United States of America." - Otto von Bismarck.

Mike said...

I've been to the island nation of San Serriffe. I have font memories of it.

Bilbo said...

Angel - that's the right idea!

Linda Kay - everyone knows that climate change isn't real ... and if it were, it would be a commie plot!

John - me, too.

Anemone - oddly enough, April 1 is also Otto von Bismarck's birthday!

Mike - you're fired.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

I don't pity those fools, nor do I suffer them gladly.

I'd not mind if they do the suffering instead.

Duckbutt said...

Gov. Pence came out looking dumb.