Sunday, May 17, 2015

Poetry Sunday

Just another poem from just another old guy ...

You Asked For It 
by George Bilgere 

There was a show on TV called
You Asked For It. Viewers would write in
and ask to see unusual things, such as
the world’s greatest slingshot expert.
I watched it every week
on our humble Motorola, although
the only episode I can remember now
is the one about the slingshot expert.
He was a grown man, as I recall,
and he lived in an ordinary place like New Jersey.
At a distance of ten or twenty paces
he could pulverize one marble with another.
He could hit a silver dollar
tossed into the air. He was the kind
of father I wanted to have,
an expert shot, never missing.
And I think of him now, perhaps long dead,
or frail and gray, his gift forgotten.
Just another old guy on a park bench
in Fort Lauderdale, fretting about Medicare,
grateful for the sun on his back, his slingshot
useless in this new world.

Of course, nowadays nobody wants anything as mundane as a slingshot ... how are you going to make people fear you down at the supermarket unless you're packing an AR-15?

Just another old guy in NoVa wishes you a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



Mike said...

If he was walking down the street with a slingshot he would probably be gunned down by the police.

allenwoodhaven said...

I had one when I was a kid; using a slingshot accurately requires a great deal of skill! Nice post.