Friday, September 28, 2018

The Left-Cheek Ass Clown for September, 2018

As September draws to a close, it's time once again to hold our noses, put on the protective gloves, and reach into the swirling cesspool of ass clownery to select our

Left-Cheek Ass Clown for September, 2018

and the award goes - without the least question - to

The Senate Judiciary Committee

At a time when the level of respect in which Congress is held is at an all-time low, the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee - of both parties - have provided ample reason for that dismal rating. The unseemly and ludicrous rush to the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a Supreme Court appointment has demonstrated the very worst in the decay of the Senate's honorable Constitutional responsibility to advise and consent on important nominations - particularly lifetime appointments to the nation's highest court.

Regardless of whether or not you believe the accusations levied against Judge Kavanaugh by Professor Christine Blasey Ford and others, the complete refusal of the committee leadership to conduct a thorough, independent investigation that would either clear Judge Kavanaugh of a serious allegation or demonstrate unfitness for the court, one must admit that the Judiciary Committee's approach to the charges and their potential impact on the judge and on the entire Supreme Court represented the absolute worst in raw power politics with no consideration for the reputations, feelings, and concerns of Kavanaugh, Ford, and - indeed - Congress itself.

The shameful temper tantrum thrown by Senator Lindsey Graham, the invocation by Judge Kavanaugh of the standard go-to GOP bugbear of the Clintons, the refusal to call witnesses to testify under oath, the refusal to ask the FBI to investigate the allegations, and the cheap political point-scoring by Republicans and Democrats alike have made a complete mockery of the serious business of ensuring that the most qualified and respected jurists are nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear Readers, just when you thought that the level of ass-clownery in Congress couldn't get any worse, when you thought that the level of political lunacy at the expense of the nation couldn't get any higher, when you thought that there was still a chance that persons of good will could rise above partisan shouting to do the right thing ... along comes the most shameful and un-American display in my memory, and perhaps ever. The nation has seldom - if ever - been so poorly served by its elected representatives.

The Left-Cheek Ass Clown Award for September, 2018, is presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee. And my choice of a collection of empty suits as the accompanying illustration is about as appropriate as I could find.

Have a good day, and come back tomorrow for Cartoon Saturday. Gawd knows we need the laughs. More thoughts then.



John Hill said...

It makes one wonder, "How bad can it get?"
The answer is too scary to think about.

Mike said...

I think the Supreme Court is actually more important than the president with its lifetime appointment.

And I think it's past time that the Democrats quit trying to play nice with the Republicans and be just as nasty right back at them.

allenwoodhaven said...

I didn't even need to read your explanation to agree. You explained it well, with truth and style. Most shameful and un-American indeed!

With today's vote clearing the committee in such an unprecedented manner, I want to know when will McConnell schedule a vote. The committee conditional vote isn't binding, from what I understand. Not honoring Flake's provision would be wrong, but it could happen, all too easily.