Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cartoon Saturday

A beautiful Brazilian model whose hands and feet were amputated as doctors tried to save her from a rare and deadly illness has died; China has recorded the fourth death from bird flu this year; Microsoft has laid off 5,000 workers; two children and an adult were killed and many were injured when a man went on a stabbing spree in a nursery in Belgium; and a female graduate student at Virginia Tech University was killed by an acquaintance who attacked her with a knife and decapitated her in a campus restaurant.

If you didn't need Cartoon Saturday before, you surely need it now.

One of the problems with understanding the economic crisis is that we can't always make head or tail of the endless barrage of theories and advice pumped out by the legions of talking heads and so-called experts who claim to have all the answers. Don't you sometimes wish for an economic report you could understand?

A while back, Mike offered up a post titled "And That's How the Fight Started..." It was funny, but he missed one:

What is it with tattoos? It used to be that only drunken sailors came home with, everyone seems to want one. Or two. Or a gazillion. Here are a couple of tattoo-related cartoons:

The transition between administrations is always a stressful time in Washington as one set of political appointees finds itself out of jobs while a new one settles in...

And finally, tens of thousands of people braved the cold after last Tuesday's presidential inauguration to watch the traditional inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Inaugural parades tend to feature stirring march music, bands, drum and bugle outfits, and the like, but a real inaugural parade would have been a little different (click the image to enlarge it)...

We're having a heat wave here in town - according to my thermometer, it's 50 degrees Farenheit outside, which also happens to be the expected high for the day. But I won't get used to it, because tomorrow's high is only supposed to be about 34. I'm ready for summer.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



The Mistress of the Dark said...

We're only going to be in the 20s I need something to laugh about.

John said...

If only the Bush Legacy was going up in flames. I'm afraid that we're going to be living with it for a long time to come.

17 now, high of 28 today.

wv: armaspon

Mike said...

I think with the boat cartoon there's more than a fight brewing. There may be a death involved.

And John said it right. "long time to come"

I was reading a comment section yesterday on a Washington Post article. All the neocons are predicting Obama will be the 'worst president ever'. Dream on neocons, dream on.

Leslie David said...

I saw the article about the model, what a horrible way to go. Her family kept insisting she'd want to live; frankly at age 20, minus hands, feet and several important internal organs, I kind of doubt that.

I am watiting for a band with enough guts to march to my favorite Sousa march--The Liberty Bell March. :) I always thought that would have been wildly appropriate for Bush, but then I guess they didn't "get" it, just like they didn't get anything else.

You might appreciate this, I am a huge fan of Keith Olbermann, and his Wednesday show had a comment about the fact that the park service had posted that there would be no heat at Glen Echo and to dress accordingly in layers. As tempting as it is to lay this one on the government, unfortunately there's NEVER been any heat in the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo--they specifically did not install HVAC--if they did people with more money would rent it out and we'd never get to dance there. You've got to admit, how many people really want to hold a wedding reception in January in a building with no heat.