Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things That Make You Go AARRGGHH!! - Winter Edition

Short post this morning, because winter is here with its usual Northern Virginia vengeance, and I need to get moving sooner than usual. Not to mention that I'm a half-hour behind since I forgot to set my alarm last night...

As usual, we didn't get a lot of snow, but we did get a lot of ice. This means that our gentle, curving hill (the one we live at the foot of) is pretty well impassable, and - of more immediate importance - my local bus is running its "winter emergency schedule," under which it comes only as far as our local shopping center, and doesn't serve the hilly and generally poorly serviced neighborhood roads. The problem is that the bus company (yay, Fairfax Connector!) can't tell you if or when - even approximately - the bus will arrive at the shopping center.

This means that I have to walk to the shopping center, which is not a problem in itself. It's only a half-mile or so away - a pleasant 20 minute walk on a normal day. But with treacherously iced-over streets and sidewalks, it can take a half-hour or more...and there's no telling if or when a bus will be there. AARRGGHH!!

So what does this mean to you? It means a truncated, angry post and a 24-hour wait until you can learn about the dangers of fish testicles.

Stay tuned, and stay warm. Be careful out there on the ice.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



fiona said...

Yeh! I'm first :)
"learn about the dangers of fish testicles"
Is this something I need to know?
I await with "baited" breath...get it?

Mike said...

"but we did get a lot of ice"

You're technically retired. You're a contractor. Call in, not sick, but "I don't care".

And Fiona, not only do we get it, I was going to use it until SOMEBODY ELSE beat me to it.

anOCgirl said...

Be careful out there on the ice. hmmm...i read this after falling twice today. :(

fiona said...

First AND I beat Mike..."Happy Days Are Here Again"