Monday, February 16, 2009

Yet Another Way to Waste Time...

I wasn't wasting enough time blogging, so I decided to start up a Facebook page. Or site. Or whatever you call a Facebook place.

Actually, that's not quite true.

I created the Facebook thingy several years ago because we needed one to access the Facebook location of someone else we wanted to get in touch with. Within a week or so, I had done a mental RAM dump and forgotten the password. Then, during the last week, two things happened: I got a postcard announcing the 40th reunion (AARRGGHH!!) of my 1969 high school graduating class; and someone suggested I use Facebook as a way of staying in contact with friends.

I thought about it, and remembered that I already had a Facebook thingamajig out there in the ether somewhere with nothing in it. After a few hours of trying every password I could think of, I finally got back into it, then spent a few more hours over the last two or three days filling it up with stuff. Much of the work had already been done for my blog, so that much was easy. And I only have about 750 billion digital photos to select from, so that was sort of easy. And now, presto! Bilbo is also up on Facebook. Within a day, I had six friends established there. If you are interested in reaching me via this new time-waster, e-mail me (bilbo_the_blogger(at)yahoo(dot)com) and we'll work it out somehow...I'm still not sure how the whole thing works.

Today will be a busy day...we're going to spend the day at our daughter's house, helping to take care of Leya while the house crawls with workmen installing their new security system. Leya can tire us out in a normal two- or three-hour visit...I can only imagine what she can do to us in a full day.

If I don't post tomorrow, it's because I'm still asleep.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



John said...

yes, facebook can be a real time consumer. However it is a way to keep in touch.

wv: imondsl--the kind of internet service for Muslim leaders

Amanda said...

I don't use a lot of the Facebook functions but I definitely love it for finding old friends. (And being a bit of a busy body into whats going on with them).

I think all grandfathers have that kind of dread about a full day with the grandchild. They love it but at the same time, they know they are going to be completely wiped out. My mom told me that my dad would keep disappearing whenever they were watching Aaron. It turned out that he was sneaking cat naps!

Mike said...

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No it's NOT. And this page doesn't have a back button. And now I have to type all this cr... stuff all over again! And I'm so irritated I can't remember what I typed before. Phtttt with it.

See... It's not Friday the 13th that's bad. It's Monday the 16th!

fiona said...

Oh I've got the face thingy too!!
I have no clue what it's all about but I have somehow got a garden and an aquarium, I don't like fish.
Anyway I'll look for you dear ;)

wv- stelita - a stellar baby gurl

Melissa B. said...

I, so far, have avoided the Adult Facebooking Craze. There's something slightly creepy about being on a social network that my daughters and their friends frequent...